The ten fragments of the Parthenon sculptures returned to their natural place with a gesture that is not only symbolic but also substantial.

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The Acropolis Museum received the ten fragments of the sculptural decoration of the Parthenon from the National Archaeological Museum. They have a height of 32 centimetres and were stored in the warehouse of the Museum, where archaeologist Giorgos Despinis, leading researcher of ancient Greek sculpture, discovered them, identified them and published them.

Τοποθέτηση από συντηρητή της κεφαλής στον λίθο VII της ανατολικής ζωφόρου

Some of them are figures from the frieze, the metope and the pediments. Two of them, a part of a youth’s head and a fragment of a male head, have found their exact place on the frieze. From the rest, there is an arm, probably of Poseidon on the west frieze, and the lower part of Athena’s foot, probably from the east frieze.

The ten fragments of the Parthenon sculptures returned to their natural place with a gesture that is not only symbolic but also substantial.

Ο Πρωθυπουργός με τον Γενικό Διευθυντή του Μουσείου Ακρόπολης / The Prime Minister with the General Manager of Acropolis Museum

Prime Minister Konstantinos Mitsotakis noted: “this journey of return sends a clear message to reunite all the parts of this unique monument of humanity […] And from this aspect, the National Archaeological Museum shows the way of responsibility and scientific consistency. This is the path taken by the Greek State, which pursues the goal of the return of the Parthenon sculptures from the British Museum at the highest government level.”

Lina Mendoni, Minister of Culture, noted: “with this decision, we signal the expression of a different policy and mindset. A mindset of cooperation between public museums, without possessiveness or ownership of exhibits and findings, which may move from a warehouse to another museum and find greater value from the point of view of history, archaeology and art.”

Τα υπόλοιπα οκτώ θραύσματα σε ειδική προθήκη στην Αίθουσα του Παρθενώνα

Dimitris Pantermalis, President of the Board of Directors of the Acropolis Museum, also referred to the initative for the reunification and return of the Parthenon sculptures:
“Today, this monument receives some of its fragments and we all hope that this gesture signifies a new beginning in the restoration of the Parthenon sculptures.”

Nikos Stampolidis, General Director of the Acropolis Museum, said: “Today, these come first to the Acropolis Museum, from our own country, to give an example for the reunification of other fragments and parts that have been dispersed to European capitals over time.”

The welcome ceremony for the ten fragments took place in the iconic Parthenon Gallery of the museum, with Anna Karapanagiotou, Director of the National Archaeological Museum, and Giorgos Didaskalou, General Secretary of Culture, also present.