International Museum Day 2021 “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine”

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Despite all difficulties and restrictions, Greek museums will celebrate the International Museum Day 2021 by offering free admission and hosting events not limited to May 18 but covering the rest of the week.

The health crisis has affected every aspect of our lives; working conditions, social relationships, travel, and our everyday lives in general. The culture sector has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, in every aspect. However, the current situation requires us to reflect and redefine our priorities.

Museums, as institutions aspiring to be living parts of society, must not only follow but pave the way towards a better dissemination of information and easier access to both their physical space and their digitized collections. Relevant initiatives and actions that have already been launched need to grow and become widespread.

The theme of this year’s International Museum Day “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine” demonstrates this very need for Museums to become key vehicles and pillars for a cultural ‘restart’ following the pandemic.

Museums are celebrating and waiting for us!

International Museum Day 2021

The Acropolis Museum participates in the celebration by offering free admission on Tuesday 18 May and an impressive “Virtual Tour at the Acropolis Museum” for online visitors.

The OPANDA opens its exhibition spaces with a dynamic art program.

International Museum Day 2021

The Tellogleio Foundation celebrates the International Museum Day on Tuesday, May 18 2021, with two open guided tours for all ages at the Ioanna Spiteri (1920-2000) large retrospective exhibition.

The Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa – G.I. Katsigras Museum invites everyone to participate in the virtual activities focusing on the museum’s collection and exhibitions.

International Museum Day 2021

The Museum of Science and Technology has organized an online event titled “Museum of Science and Technology: with our eyes on the future!”

The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest, the Natural History Museum of Crete (of the University of Crete) and the Aristotle Museum of Natural History in Thessaloniki co-organize an event titled “Natural History Museums and Society

The ATOPOS Organization for the international Museum Day will host an online exhibition – activity titled Schrödinger’s Revolution.

Further information: International Museum Day 2021 – Program