The Mediterranée Hotel hosts from December 22, 2023 and for one month, an exhibition of the well-known cartoonist Michalis Kountouris with his works published in the street magazine “shedia”.

“Shedia”, from 2013 until today, is the only Greek street magazine (official member of the International Network of Street Magazines) that is not sold at the usual press outlets, but exclusively on the streets of the city by our fellow citizens who come from vulnerable population groups, giving them the opportunity to secure with dignity a small income to cover some of their most basic needs.

Moreover, through a wide range of programmes (such as the homeless football team, the social tours “Invisible Routes”, the environmental programme “shedia art”, etc.), it ensures the activation, empowerment, education, reintegration and, ultimately, the creation of employment opportunities for our fellow human beings who experience poverty and social exclusion in extreme forms.

Michalis Kountouris accompanies and supports the magazine in this journey of solidarity and social contribution from its very first issue. With the sensitivity that distinguishes him and the penetrating view with which he perceives society, he captures issues such as ecological challenges, social justice, human rights, in a unique combination of sharp criticism and humour.

The exhibition presents his sketches that became the covers of “shedia” as well as other selected works that were published in the magazine and have been awarded abroad.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday, 22 December 2023, at 19.30 and will run until 21 January 2024. It will be open daily, 11.00-21.00.

Hotel Mediterranée, Ag.Nikolaou 18, Πάτρα

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