On the occasion of the celebration of the International Archives Day, the General State Archives (GSA) will open their doors to the public on Sunday 16 June 2024.

From 10:00 to 15:00, parallel activities have been planned, aiming to familiarize the public with the work and actions of the General State Archives. Participants will have the opportunity to have a guided tour of the premises of the Service, to come into contact with archival material, while children participating in the specially designed educational programme will learn in a more playful way about the value of archival documents.


Guided tours in the building of the Central Bureau of the GSA and in the exhibition The genesis of a capital.Διάρκεια ξενάγησης: 90’
Tours beginning at:
– 10:00
– 11:30
– 13:00
You may reserve a seat at https://shorturl.at/dyScQ

Educational Programme for Primary School Students 
Duration: 90’
Starting at: 11:30
You may reserve a seat at https://shorturl.at/oZcrZ

Workshop on censorship during the period of the dictatorship of the colonels for students and adults

Duration: 90’
Workshop startin at: 11:30
You may reserve a seat at https://shorturl.at/Nn61m

Registration is essential, as there will be a first come, first served basis for all activities.

Participants: up to 20 persons per acitvity
The admission is free

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