The “Beautifying the Neighborhood” program by FIX Hellas and AKTO in FIX Park was completed

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With the aim of creating a permanent open-air exhibition in the city center, the cultural action titled Beautifying the Neighborhood was completed by FIX Hellas and AKTO, in the context of their wide-ranging collaboration. The historic label was a source of inspiration for young artists, aspiring to add an artistic touch to the brand new park in Patisia, one of the most densely populated areas of Athens.

FIX Hellas encouraged the students of the largest Art, Design & Media School in Greece to contribute to enhancing FIX Park’s artistic nature and value. Guided by the history and heritage of FIX Hellas, and by concepts related to the urban landscape, nature, and friendship, the contestants captured their inspiration on an outdoor canvas; on the park’s 27 benches, under the experienced guidance of their teachers and renowned artists, Dimitris Tataris and Achilleas Pistonis.

In the context of completing the intensive renovation works in FIX Park implemented by the Municipality of Athens, with the support of Olympic Brewery and FIX Hellas through the program “Adopt your City” coordinated by Athens Partnership, and delivering it to the local residents, an oasis of greenery and art was created in the area. The “Beautifying the Neighborhood” project aimed at uniquely combining theory with artistic practice, as well as providing the AKTO students with an opportunity to work in real-world conditions. The renovation of FIX Park combined with the artistic intervention by the students from the departments of Graphic Design and Fine Arts led not only to a permanent exhibition to be enjoyed by all park visitors but also to an opportunity for young emerging artists to gain recognition and acclaim.