In the context of the National Museum of Contemporary Art’s (EMST) objectives to be a cradle of experimentation for all artistic expression, a new collaboration with organisations and institutions specialised in the organisation of musical events, is launched every first Sunday of the month. The SUBVERSIONS programme, with which the MUSIC SUNDAYS begin, is the result of a partnership with the music schools of the Athens Conservatory, in collaboration with its students and Filippos Tsalachouris, Director of the Conservatory’s Music Schools.


With SUBVERSIONS, EMST offers a platform for experimentation to the students of the Athens Conservatory, the only educational institution in Greece whose curriculum includes all three performing arts – music, theatre and dance. SUBVERSIONS‘ events take place on the first Sunday of every month, from February to April.


Sunday 4 February at 15.00, 16.00, 17.00 & 18.00

These are four piano interventions exclusively with works for piano by women composers, following a selection inspired by the work of Leda Papakonstantinou. The participants are pianists from the seminar “The Piano in the 20th and 21st Century” at the Athens Conservatory (Instructor: Lorenda Ramou).

Intervention 1, at 15.00

Niki KrasakiRadio Path, 2024

Musical theatre piece for four pianists, duration 10΄-12΄

Aspasia NasopoulouAndria, 2012

Work for 4 hands, duration 7΄

Intervention 2, at 16.00

Lorenda Ramou, Autobiography (or how I became a pianist), 2006

Musical theatre piece for one pianist, duration 3΄

Alexandra Tsiara, Sweet Sorrow, 2022

Work for piano, duration 1΄

Efi MarkoulakiOkyroi, 2022

Work for piano, duration 1΄

Cleo BardaNew Work, 2024

Work for piano, duration  2΄

Elena RykovaBat Jamming, 2015

Work for two pianists, duration 10΄                              

Intervention 3, at  17.00

Alexandra PapastefanouQuartz pendulum, 2015

Work for piano, duration 4΄

Konstantia YourziEine Kleine Geschichte op.25, 2005

Work for piano, duration 3΄

Myrto Nizami10 Bagatelles, n.1, 2016

Work for piano, duration 1΄

Fotini TruferopoulouThe Three Sisters, 2023

Work for piano and electronical sounds, duration 8΄

Interventio 4, at 18.00

Diana RotaruThe Three Lears mov III, 2018

Diana RotaruThe Three Lears mov II, 2018

Work for piano, duration 6΄

Anthi Damvouneli Lear Tantrum, 2023

Work for piano and tape, duration 9΄


Sunday 3 March at 15.00, 16.00, 17.00 & 18.00

SUBVERSION II is an experimental tribute to the subversive compositions of J. S. Bach with the participation of students from the Music and Drama Schools of the Athens Conservatory. Bach’s works for solo instruments will be performed simultaneously in the public circulation areas of the EMST, creating a unified soundscape while moving readers will read aloud excerpts from Anna Magdalena Bach’s diary. This experiment takes place in the context of courses in Chamber Music and Music History, conceived and coordinated by the composer and Director of the Music Schools of the Athens Conservatory, Philippos Tsalahouris.

SUBVERSION ΙΙΙ:  Voices& Silences

Sunday 7 April at 15.00, 16.00, 17.00 & 18.00

SUBVERSION III is based on the human voice and its unique musical dimensions. The public circulation areas of the EMST will be scattered with students of monody who will sing at given moments, unaccompanied, pieces from different eras, from the Baroque to the 21st century. Choir members and singers circulate among the visitors to the exhibitions, forming a sound environment, with dense reverberations and many timbres, before ending up forming a mixed choir, vocally breaking through the silence of the museum. The choir is taught by Dimitris Bouzanis, professor of the Athens Conservatory of Music.

Admission to the events is free.

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