The Company for Development and Tourism Promotion of the Municipality of Athens (EATA) is transformed into a Local Government Development Agency, following the prescribed procedures.

This development comes in conjunction with the unanimous approval of the new organisation chart, under which the EATA now has a technical service.

“This is another important tool, which will contribute to the maturation and implementation of the technical projects that the municipality will carry out in the coming years in the centre and the neighbourhoods of Athens. The new municipal authority is undertaking this important initiative with the aim of implementing the projects without delays and having full supervision in all steps of the process”, stresses in a statement the CEO of EATA, Ioannis Georgizas.

It is noted that the new service of EATA has already begun the process of staffing in close cooperation with the technical department of the Municipality of Athens and the responsible Deputy Mayor, Andreas Grammatikogiannis. With the completion of the formal procedure of the new statute, in the coming weeks, the technical service will start its work.

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