The program of festive events organized for Christmas and New Year by the Cultural Organization of the municipality of Patras and the network of works that have been done and continue to be done for the decoration of the city, was presented during a press conference on the morning of Tuesday, October 6, by the president Katerina Geropanagiotis, the Directorate of architectural work, the Directorate of green and representatives of all departments involved in the decoration.

The interview was given in the presence of the mayor of Patras Costas Peletidis who stated that “in difficult conditions our city should feel joy. The people of biopali especially have a need for mental uplift at this time and this is exactly what the municipality is doing.

The president of the Cultural Organization, presenting the program, stressed that ” on Tuesday, December 13 at 6.30 in the afternoon, the festivities begin with the lighting of the Christmas tree in George Square and the participation of choral ensembles and Philharmonic bands that will send the festive message to every corner of the city.

Special is the cooperation with the Cycling Club of Patras. On Sunday 18 December at 12.00 noon, Psilalonia will become another point of reference. Cyclists dressed as Santa Claus will flood the Square and then cycle through the main streets of the city, giving a joyful tone on Christmas days”.

He added that ” musical concerts, theatrical and artistic events, lights, color and dance are this year’s outline of the events organized for the celebration of Christmas and New Year by the Cultural Organization, turning young and old into protagonists.

Among other things, the concerts that will take place this year with the protagonists of the cultural organization, namely:

String Night Orchestra “Thanasis Tsipinakis”.

On Friday 16/12 in Georgiou Square at 19: 00 the concert will take place.

Municipal Conservatory

On Friday 23/12 at 8.00 pm the concert “Christmas surprise” with Anastasios Pappas (piano), Sotiris Douvas( percussion), Vilen Karapetian (bass), Dimitris Soukaras (guitar) and the orchestra of the Municipal Conservatory of Patras, at the cinema theater “pantheon”

Groups of the Municipal Conservatory throughout the events, will give concerts at the conservatory and at the cultural multiplex in Ichthyoskala.

Municipal Library

On Thursday 29/12 and Friday 30/12, the Municipal Library of Patras will narrate fairy tales and children’s creations.

Folk Music

From Wednesday 14/12 the Folk Music will play in the streets and districts of the city.

Dance department and Folk Orchestra

The Dance Department and the people’s Orchestra of the Cultural Organization on Wednesday 21/12, curate a Christmas celebration in Tarabura Workers ‘ Housing square.

The Christmas house at the Fish Market

*This year, for the first year, the cultural multiplex at Ichthyoskala was shaped accordingly and turned into a cell of creativity and actions for children, hosting screenings of children’s films, theatrical events, reading fairy tales and art workshops. Already the space in collaboration with the Carnival crew has been decorated accordingly.

There, from Saturday, December 17 to Friday, December 23, in collaboration with the Patras Labor Center, Christmas Activities for children will be held.

The tribute to Thanos Mikroutsikos

The artistic substance and the work of which three years after his loss are and will remain relevant. The concert includes Rita Antonopoulou, Manolis Androulidakis, Thymios Papadopoulos, Mimis Doutsoulis, Giorgos Katsikas and Giorgos Tsatsoulis.

The concert will take place on Tuesday 27/12 at 8.00 in the evening at the “pantheon” cinema theater.

In the context of practical solidarity during the events that will take place at the “Fish Auction”, we will collect basic necessities for the social organization, in the welfare structures of our city and stationery for the people’s tutorial of the municipality”.

From the architectural project Directorate of the municipality, the architect Sotiria Koukoulioti as responsible for the decoration referred to the constructions that are to be made in George Square and the addition of new elements such as the balloon and the changes that have been made in the manger as well as to the interventions and new elements that have entered the square of three allies with the Christmas tree He also referred to the interventions that have been made in the National Resistance Square as well as along the streets in combination with changes in lighting, such as those made in Corinth and Maizonos streets. The goal this year was to give the city the shine it deserves. All the creations and interventions have been made by the employees in the municipality of Patras and are the product of cooperation with the carnival workshop, the Green, the self-work and the lighting.

The director of the green Directorate Panagiotis Kostopoulos and the Green manager Katerina Giannopoulou referred to the effort made this year for the decoration of the city, the placement of Christmas trees and the decoration of George Square, where the work for the placement of the central Christmas tree and the decoration of the manger is in the final stretch.

The vice president of the Patras Cycling Club Costas Rachaniotis expressed his thanks to the Cultural Organization and the municipality for the love with which they surround the Patras Cycling Club this year and invited everyone on Sunday, December 18 to take part dressed Santa Claus in the bike ride that will start from the square of high Alonia and will cross almost the whole city.

The programme in detail: Christmas events of the Municipality of Patras

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