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Carnival is a celebration for children. Even adults are justified to return to childhood under the cover of masks and costumes. After all, this temporary escape from normality has always been at the core of Carnival celebrations all over the world.

Unfortunately, this year’s conditions do not allow for mass events as the country’s major carnivals have been cancelled. Nevertheless, the children continue to look forward to Carnival The Municipality of Athens cannot but organize Carnival  for children. Centered, naturally, in Plaka, the events will be organized in other districts of the city, waiting for the children to make masks, have fun with Karagiozis, do crafts…

Απόκριες στην Αθήνα – Carnival in Athens

From 16 February to 5 March, a variety of carnival creative programmes and activities are offered in all cultural venues, the Museums, the Art Gallery, the Creative Learning Centres, the Libraries, the Arts Centre and the “Melina Cultural” Centre.

Children’s and Teenager’s Library (Lampsa and Trifylia, Ampelokipi, Park for Children and Culture, former KAPAPS)

  • “Carnival in the Library”

Museum of Folk Art and Tradition “Angeliki Chatzimichali” (Ang. Chatzimichali 6, Plaka)

  •  Exhibition “Carnival images of Old Athens

Έκθεση Αποκριάτικες εικόνες της Παλιάς Αθήνας / Carnival in Old Athens

Cultural Center “Melina” (Herakleidon 66 & Thessaloniki – Thiseio)

  •  The clown masquerader

Creative Learning Center of Vafiochori (2 Vafiochori & Karolidou 2, Gyzi)

  • – The carnival of fantasy
  • – Carnival feast

Nordau Creative Learning Centre (Nordau 7, Gyzi)

  • – The Wedding of the Crab
  • – The carnival of fantasy

Central Library (Domokou 2, St. Larissa)

  • – “Halloween in old Athens”
  • – The Carnival prank of Karagiozis

Center for Creative Learning of Evlpidon (Evelpidon 18, Kypseli)

“Fairytails for fun”  by Jianni Rodari 

Detailed programme