Visual Arts, Theatre, Music, Dance, Performance, Cinema, Photography: the program includes Greek and foreign productions, covering the whole spectrum of artistic creation.

The 56th Dimitria Festival returns to its physical spaces after a tough year. Different art forms intertwine creatively and more than 200 artists, including award-winning directors, choreographers, musicians and artists from Greece and abroad, engage with the public. This year, the Dimitria Festival revolves around “Breaths”, with an obvious symbolism in terms of the theme choice.

Duration: October 1 – 20, 2021


“Leonidas – Napoleon – Mpotsaris. The language of symbols” | Art exhibition

Duration: Friday 1 October 2021 – Sunday 16 January 2022
Teloglion Foundation of Arts AUTh.

ELENIT by Euripides Laskaridis // OSMOSIS | Theatre

Saturday, October 2 / NTNG (National Theatre of Northern Greece), Royal Theater / 21.00

A production of Stegi of the Onassis Foundation.
Conception & Direction by Euripides Laskaridis
Actors: Michalis Valasoglou / Nikos Dragonas, Amalia Kosma / Chrysanthi Fytiza, Chara Kotsali / Irini Bountali, Manos Kotsaris, Evripidis Laskaridis, Thanos Lekkas / Konstantinos Georgopoulos, Dimitris Matsoukas, Efthymos Moschopoulos, Giorgos Poulios, Fei Tzouma
Costumes: Angelos Mentis / Music & Sound Composition: George Poulios
Set design: Loukas Bakas / Lighting Design: Eliza Alexandropoulou
Drama Consultant: Alexandros Mistriotis / Motion Consultant: Nikos Dragonas

The paradoxical and charming world of Euripides Laskaridis is created from simple materials. Everyday images and situations undergo constant transformations, later to ‘thicken’ and lose their familiarity. His work is a paradoxical journey, spectacular and ridiculous, enigmatic and disturbing. A journey into landscapes that follow one another without explanation, into a fragmented world that remains upright and enchanting.

Maria Callas Gala

Saturday, October 2 / Thessaloniki Concert Hall Hall M1 / 21:00

Co-production: Thessaloniki State Orchestra – Thessaloniki Concert Hall
Conductor: Giannis Pouspourikas, Soprano: Myrto Papathanassiou, Tenor: Konstantinos Klironomos

The Thessaloniki State Orchestra and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the death of Maria Callas with a rich opera gala full of our favorite melodies and special guests.

Notes Towards a Model Opera 2015 | William Kentridge | Multimedia art installation

Sunday, October 3 – Friday, October 15 / Warehouse C ThPA SA – Port of Thessaloniki

A collage of images and human forms alternate in front of our eyes, full of colors and music. The project explores the dynamics of intercultural diffusion and cultural transformation. It all begins in Paris, where Kentridge’s art ‘originated’, as well as the place where the aesthetic transformations of ballet through modernism first began. These transformations found their own ground in different ideological environments, such as Moscow, Shanghai, and his hometown of Johannesburg. The installation is a three-channel projection composition that makes a reference to the eight opera models of the so-called Cultural Revolution in China while using ballet both as an artistic act and as part of the timeless and inter-local concept of dance.

TISFF – Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival

23 Greek and 101 foreign language short films

TiSFF, the international ‘rendez-vous’ of short film creators returns for another year in Thessaloniki.

TiSSF ( was created and organized by Giannis Zahopoulos and is an international festival that aims to promote pioneering ideas and trends, as reflected in the work of young filmmakers, who -in short films- ‘condense’ and record the course of humanity at a socio-political level, as well as in terms of human rights and interpersonal relations.

Outwitting The Devil / Akram Khan Company | Dance

Tuesday 5 October / Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Building M1 / ​​21.00

Co-produced with the Organization of Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

A choreographic work based on different stories of Western culture and monotheistic tradition. Having been honored with the 2020 Choreographer / Artist of the Year award for his contribution to the arts and the promotion of intercultural dialogue in dance, top choreographer Akram Khan presents his iconic production “Outwitting the Devil”. Along with his team, he sends a global message of ecosystem preservation, condemning man’s attempts to impose himself on and tame nature.

Misericordia by Emma Dante | Theatre

Wednesday, October 6 / Aneton Theater / 21:00

Text and direction: Emma Dante
With Italia Carroccio, Manuela Lo Sicco, Leonarda Saffi, Simone Zambelli, Lighting: Cristian Zucaro, Assistant Director: Daniela Gusmano
A production of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa, Teatro Biondo di Palermo, Atto Unico / Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale, Carnezzeria
International management Aldo Miguel Grompone, Rome
With the support and cooperation of the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens.

Misericordia is a modern myth. It refers to the fragility of women, to their desperate and unlimited loneliness. The play tells the story of three prostituted women and a disabled boy who lives with them in a dirty and miserable one-bedroom apartment.

Indigo Mood | Concert

Thursday, October 7 / Warehouse D ThPA SA – Port of Thessaloniki / 21:00

Vangelis Tsotridis, electric guitar, Kostis Antonopoulos, electric guitar, Alexis Makatselos, drums, Nikos Pantazoglou, electric bass

In the summer of 2020, Indigo Mood recorded ten songs, which are presented for the first time at the 56th Dimitria Festival with influences from jazz and chamber music.

“Open Jazz” Festival

Friday, October 8 – Sunday, October 10 / Warehouse D ThPA SA – Port of Thessaloniki

Cultural Center of the Municipality of Thessaloniki

Fri. 8/10              Sakis Papadimitriou – solo
                              Sancho – duo
                              Floros Floridis, George Dimitriadis, Giannis Anastasakis – trio

Sat. 9/10              Christos Rafalides – Solo
                              Harris Lamprakis – Quartet
                              Rick Marguitza– Quartet

Sun. 10/10           Wayne Thomas Brasel – Solo
                              Fazz Bus – Quartet
                              Anastasiadis – Septet / Latin Jazz Band

Nine concerts with 25 jazz masters from Greece, Germany, USA, France and Cyprus. An exciting program inspired by modern jazz trends and improvised music, with everything that this might include from the traditions of Europe and America.

Beethoven: 33 Variations of Moises Kaufman | Theatre

Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 October / NTNG (National Theatre of Northern Greece), Theatre of the Society forMacedonian Studies / 21:00

Directed by: George Petrou
Set design / Costumes: Georgina Germanou
Lighting: Stella Kaltsou
Translation / Piano: Nikos Laaris
Production Manager: Katerina Berdeka
Actors: Katerina Didaskalou, Dimitris Lalos, Gerasimos Gennatas, Thanasis Tsaltambasis, Kora Karvouni, Dimitra Danti, Theseas Papapanagiotou

Produced by the Lykofos (‘Twilight’) company.

Two parallel stories, two hundred years apart: Beethoven struggles with his hearing loss and his genius. An American musicologist suffering from Hawking’s disease investigates the secret hidden within the Diabelli Variations. A theatre work about passion, relationships, and the beautiful moments that transform our lives.

“Blue” | Music Performance for piano and voice

Monday 11 October / Warehouse D ThPA SA – Port of Thessaloniki/ 21.00

Dimitra Selemidou, voice
Giannis Papadopoulos, piano

A musical journey inspired by Greek, “blue” color, but also including foreign “feeling blue” repertoire. Songs that have proved or seem to be durable over time, songs from the first complete, personal discographic work of D. Selemidou entitled “Third exit” (with lyrics by Giannis Vassilopoulos and music by Spyros Paraskevakos), her participation in the new discographic work by Alexandros Drakos Ktistakis “Cycles: six songs and six orchestral works” but also songs that have not yet been released from the cycle of songs by Kostis Maravegias, for theatre.

Fred Boissonnas: “On Odysseus’ raft” | Photography exhibition

Mount Athos Center / 01 October – 08 November 2021

Photos from the Ioannis Trikoglou Collection of the Central Library of AUTh.
Curator: Antonis Saragiotis, Art Historian, Library and Information Center / Areti Leopoulou, Art Historian, MOMus-Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki
Co-organization: Central Library of AUTh, Mount Athos Center, MOMus – Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki Photobiennale 2021, 56th DIMITRIA, Initiative 1821-2021

The exhibition presents a selection of photographic material and texts -ordered by Ioannis Trikoglou- of Boissonnas’ tours in Egypt, mainland Greece, the Ionian Islands, as well as the iconic photographs of the Parthenon from the album of the same name.


Friday 15 & Saturday 16 October / Aneton Theater / 21.00


Direction: Dimitris Bambilis / Drama editing: Dimitris Bambilis, Georgia Kanellopoulou / Set design & Costumes: Daphne Aidoni, / Research Associate: Dimitra Loupi / Scientific Advisor: Vassilis Lemonos, Vonis Soghos
The four (4) experts on the subject: Irini Aboumogli, Giannis Karapanagiotidis, Daphne Moschou-Hatzokou, Electra Economidou
In the video: Alexandra Tragaki, Simone Surgeoner, Dana Wells
With the cooperation and support of the Onassis Foundation.

Suitable for people 18 years of age or older.

“Why do we (not) have children?” Prospective parents, a new mother, a midwife, a journalist, a sociologist, a neuroscientist and a youtuber-anti-birth activist take a stand on the sexiest ontological question, in a documentary about the complicated relationship between our love life with our reproductive capacity.

Anniversary concert: 200 years since the Greek Revolution

Friday, October 15 / Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Building M1 / ​​21:00

Thessaloniki State Orchestra

Conductor: Byron Fidetzis, Bass: Christoforos Stampoglis, Flute: Nikolos Dimopoulos, English horn: Dimitris Kitsos, Narration: Christoforos Stampoglis

Works by: G. Axiotis, N. Mantzaros, M. Varvoglis, M. Kalomiris, D. Rodotheatos

The Thessaloniki State Orchestra, under the musical direction of Vyronas Fidetzis, presents works from different periods of the last two centuries and important milestones in the evolution of Greek music.

120 years since the death of Nikolaos Gyzis | Art exhibition

Duration: Friday, October 15 – Saturday, January  15, 2022

Exhibition curator: Dr. Konstantinos Didaskalou – Art Historian
Municipal Gallery / Casa Bianca

A large anniversary exhibition with works by Nikolaos Gyzis from the large collection of the Municipal Gallery but also from institutions and private collections. The public will have the opportunity to see up close the highlights of his artistic work such as: “The Secret School”, “The Vow”, “The Orphans”, “Portrait of Georgios Nazos”, “Margarita Gyzi”, “The Lantern”, “Centaur and Cupid”, “The Poet at the source”, “The Confectioner”, “Gratitude lays a wreath on the altar of Immortality”, etc.

Hands do not touch your precious Me | Dance

Sunday, October 17 / NTNG (National Theatre of Northern Greece), Theater of the Society for Macedonian Studies / 21.00

Ultima Vez / Belgium
«A dialogue between the universes of Wim Vandekeybus, Olivier de Sagazan and Charo Calvo»

Direction and Choreography: Wim Vandekeybus
Artistic creation with clay: Olivier de Sagazan
Music Composition and Production: Charo Calvo
Production of Ultima Vez, with the support of the Flemish Community and the Flemish Community Commission of Brussels.

Wim Vandekeybus and Olivier de Sagazan reflect on the concepts of “body” and “human” and this very exploration of human boundaries on their part, finds the musical echo, in the material and natural texture of the electroacoustic music of Charo Calvo. The poetic, mysterious title of the work is a verse from a Sumerian hymn to the goddess Inanna, its most impressive part being that of the Goddess’ descent to the underworld. Inanna is the divine incarnation of the paradoxes of human existence and her actions are a reflection of the tensions and contradictions that guide us in the course of our lives.

A Report for an Academy by Franz Kafka | Theatre

Monday 18 & Tuesday 19 October / Aneton Theater / 21.00

Direction: Savvas Stroumpos, Translation: Ioanna Meitani, Stage installation: Spyros Betsis, Lighting: Kostas Bethanis
Costumes: Savvas Stroumpos, Rozi Monaki, Soundscape: Leonidas Maridakis, Actors: Elli Ingliz, Evelyn Aswad, Rozi Monaki, Giannis Giaramazidis, Anna Marka-Bonisel, Babis Alefantis, Dinos Papageorgiou
Premiere at the 56th Dimitria Festival.

The Acherousia Lake of the Body and the Dionysian Crypt: in our body, there is a crypt. The crypt is in the “underworld” of the body. There, Dionysus is waiting for his redemption. In front of Acherousia Lake, in the gray zone of his internal exile. This is the area that Franz Kafka writes about. The Acherousia Lake of the body in a never-ending Nekyia.

The Murmur of the Spiral | Performance

Tuesday 19 October / Yeni Mosque / 21:00

Ektoras Mavridis (ceramics), Savina Giannatou (vocals), Kostis Drygianakis (electronic), Dimitris Tigkas (double bass)

A sculpture and music performance that aims to highlight at the same time the fundamental and archetypal features of visual creation and sound composition.

The wheel of the potter and the potter himself are producers of executive actions in the construction of three-dimensional propellers that are integrated in the vessels intended for daily use. The tangible information and mechanics involved in the construction of these vessels generate musical texts, design and form compositions that are intertwined in an act of musical improvisation, with the rhythm and the dynamic structure in a leading role.

Low / Heroes, A Berliner Hyper Cycle | Music Performance

Wednesday, October 20 / Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Bulding M1 / ​​21.00

Philip Glass, David Bowie, Brian Eno
Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki

A musical performance that combines the imposing notes of the orchestra with dance and the lyrics of David Bowie. The whole project is based on the relationship between the two agreements written by Philip Glass, using material from the works of the same name by David Bowie, along with the play “The diary of Nathan Adler“, in a text by Bowie himself.

The show consists of three parts:

1 / Symphony “Low“: screening of a black and white film, written for the specific symphony and filmed in Berlin.

2 / Actor Bertrand Belin recites the text “Le Journal de Nathan Adler” by D. Bowie, with Stef Kamil Carlens on stage, playing guitar and sampler. This short text formed the basis for the album “Outside” (1995) created by David Bowie with Brian Eno.

3 / Symphony “Heroes” with simultaneous screening of a choreography by dancers Frederic Tavernini and Louise Lecavalier, who were also dancers of David Bowie.

Dance workshop by Ultima Vez

Tuesday 12 October – Saturday 16 October / Higher School of Dance of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Manou Katraki 4, Triandria / 12:30 – 14:30

Through this workshop, Alexandros Anastasiadis -a dancer from Thessaloniki and member of the Ultima Vez group- will present to the students the material and the working methodology of Wim Vandekeybus in the Ultima Vez group. The workshop will focus on the particular way in which it connects physicality and stage presence. This will require the training and practice of the specific vocabulary of the group and at the same time an analysis of the details that determine what our bodies communicate. These themes will be approached through exercises and material from the group’s former works, “In Spite of Wishing and Wanting“, “Trap Town” and “Traces“.

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