The fully renovated Municipal Summer Theatre of Ritsos Street (Pampeloponnisiou) was visited on Tuesday afternoon, June 27 by the Mayor of Patras, Kostas Peletidis, who was informed about the interventions made this year in the venue.

The Municipal Summer Theatre was completely upgraded. A new stage was built, new chairs were installed and new foyers were added, so that the necessary conditions were created to meet the needs of a summer theatre stage, wherever it is set up.

Also, air conditioners were installed in the backstage areas, for which no money was spent, as thanks to the efforts of the workers in self-help, old refrigeration units were repaired. At the same time, shelters were installed.

It should be noted that the contribution of several professionals of the city to the upgrading of the theatre was particularly important as they offered pro bono part of the materials required for the interventions, wanting to strengthen the effort to shape the space, whom the Cultural Organization and the Municipality thank warmly.

The mayor of Patras in his statements stressed that “From the municipality of Patras and the Cultural Organization – together with the employees who made an amazing Municipal Summer Theatre – the theatrical performances start within the framework of the International Festival. We have to say a big thumbs up to those who created this amazing open theatre, proving that they can with their strengths carry out whatever the municipality asks for. A big bravo also to the board of directors of the Cultural Organisation and its employees, who carried out a difficult task.

We should all come here to watch the theatrical performances and enjoy all that we create out of nothing. But this is not the norm. The right thing to do is to have the funding needed to make the permanent facilities appropriate for the city.

This implies that we must have the funds required from both the government and the Ministry of Culture and the region. We will continue the fight to not just limit ourselves to our own resources, but to do more things with the necessary tools. We are waiting for everyone at the events that will be hosted in this space.”

Peletidis was informed about the interventions by the engineers of the municipality of Patreon, Antonis Dalagiorgos and Vassilis Kalapodis. Also at the theatre site were employees of the Cultural Organization, the self-performance – who participated in the work – and the president of the Cultural Organization Katerina Geropanagioti.

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