The Athens Concert Hall was inaugurated in 1991 by Christos Lambrakis. However, the effort for its creation began already before 1953 with the foundation of the Association Friends of music by Lambros Eftaxias and Alexandra Trianti. This year the Association completes 70 years of operation and continues to be a supporter and guarantor of the operation of the Athens Concert Hall.

With emblematic concerts, new compositions, workshops, masterclasses, podcasts, publications, exhibitions and online activities, the Association Friends Of Music will celebrate this year the anniversary of its 70 years of contribution to the cultural life of the place.

Schedule Of Anniversary Events

70 years logo

The club’s anniversary logo, designed by graphic designer Al, was unveiled. Papantoniou. The new logo depicts the number 70 in harmony with the artistic identity of the Association.

Revival of the first concert for The Friends of Music (SFM) (1955, New York Philharmonic Orchestra under Dimitris Mitropoulos)

In collaboration with the Athens Concert Hall and the Athens State Orchestra, The Association will present in the fall of 2023 at Hall X. Lambrakis an emblematic concert, which will echo the program and the atmosphere of the first concert given in 1955 in favor of the goals of the Association by The New York Philharmonic Orchestra, in order to financially support but also to promote internationally the goals of the newly established institution.

70 years Association The Friends Of Music-70 new works in one night

The Association invited Greek composers, regardless of age and Level, months ago to compose from a miniature for a one-minute solo piano, so that 70 works of an equal number of composers could be collected, finally, participations from 178 different composers were gathered. The works will be donated to the Association to be posted in its Digital Library.

The miniatures will be presented in concert on November 23, 2023 in Hall D. Mitropoulos. The new compositions will be performed by senior pianists of the Department of Music Studies of the University of Ioannina.

Event and presentation of research on culture in collaboration with Dia-neo-sis

The Association will cooperate with the organization for research and analysis Dianeosis for

a systematic depiction of Greek cultural life and will explore cutting-edge and current issues related to culture as a lever for the development of society.



  1. a) The Music Library “Lilian Voudouri” is preparing a musicological publication in

ebook format.

  1. b) the very interesting book “Texts on music” by Rainer Maria Rilke, which

it has been sold out of the Greek market, it will be reprinted in collaboration with the publications Perispomeni.

  1. C) In the entrance foyer of the Megaron, a small exhibition with photographs will be hosted and other memorabilia from the club’s 70-year history.

Masterclass of Lyric song by Christina Poulitsi

The internationally renowned upstart and former fellow of the Association will offer the

week 22-25 May 2023 a masterclass of lyric song to selected


The Camerata Junior Youth Symphony Orchestra

The Camerata Junior Youth Orchestra, under the artistic direction of conductor Nikos

Haliasa, converted this year from a string orchestra to a symphony.

Podcasts Series: 7 decades – 7 debates

Seven discussions on music in collaboration with the radio station Athens 9.84

they will be held and released in spring 2023 in podcast format.

Seven men and women from public life who are not musicians will discuss with the director of the station Margarita Mytilineou and the director of the Association Alexandros Charkiolakis their experiential relationship with music, the experiences and what they have gained from it.

Animation film with the history of the club

With the kind sponsorship of Theodora Valenti and Marni Films created

animation film that captures some of the important events in its history


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