In the new Society Uncensored “Love & Marriage” open discussion, married and unmarried people talk openly about stereotypes, concerns, as well as strong emotions around a ritual as old as human beings themselves, one that has evolved into the most resilient and vulnerable social institution. Viewers become an active part of the discussion, which will be filmed and aired on the Onassis Foundation YouTube Channel.

How many weddings did you attend last summer? How many divorced friends do you count? Why are more and more people choosing to formalize their relationship through a cohabitation agreement? Why is the marriage of same-sex couples not yet allowed in Greece? Has the stereotype of the incorrigible bachelor faded into obscurity yet? Does marriage equal monogamy? Does marriage equal children? What is a successful marriage, after all? Does marriage signify the beginning of a new life or the end of an old one?

The questions pertinent to marriage are as bountiful as the grains of rice caught in the hair of the newlyweds. However, frankly, everything boils down to this: What makes marriage one of the most resilient social structures? Gen Z may cringe even at the mere thought of it, since they view marriage as a conservative and patriarchal relic from bygone eras; couples living in a non-marital partnership may have risen, and the couches of couples’ therapists may suffer; a significant portion of the population may be facing financial hardships; still, the marriage industry goes on unencumbered, with its ritual continuing to stir interest and sometimes excite thrills.

The new discussion of the Society Uncensored series, with speakers from the fields of journalism, art, and academia, the church, and the marriage industry, unveils a mystery brimming with numerous myths and scores of contradictions. For, in spite of its inherent conservatism, marriage can also become the matrix of socially groundbreaking change; the recognition of same-sex couples’ right to marriage now constitutes a bold social demand. Is marriage the precious constant within an emotionally turbulent universe? And where does love fit in? Wander in a castle where insiders wish to escape and outsiders are curious to visit.

Conception & Editing of “Society Uncensored”: Pasqua Borgia, Dimitris Theodoropoulos

Curated by Lina Yannarou, Pasqua Borgia, Dimitris Theodoropoulos

Script & Episode Research: Lina Yannarou, Pasqua Borgia

Commision- production: Onassis Cultural Centre


Rev. Nikolaos Douligeris, parish priest of the Holy Church of St. Demetrios, Psyrri

Nikos Efstathiou, Journalist and Writer

Stella Kasdagli, Writer and Co-founder of Women On Top

Eirini Papadaki, Assistant Professor, School of History and Archaeology, AUTh

Anna Sourbati, Founder, Head Planner & Coordinator of The Event Co.

Selana Vrondi, Journalist and Filmmaker

Moderated by Maria Athanasiou, Journalist


The “Society Uncensored” series of digital discussions is physically held at the Onassis Stegi, inviting citizens to become a part of a productive dialogue through a Q&A session. The discussion will be filmed and presented on the Onassis YouTube Channel in spring 2023. Admission to the event is free, and a pre-booking of your seat is required. By attending this discussion, the audience members consent to their video recording. Parental consent is necessary for the entry of young people under 18. Audience arrival will begin at 18:30.

Admission to the event is free and a pre-booking of your seat is required. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.Reserve your seat from Tuesday 14 November.Audience arrival will begin at 18:30.

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