The exhibition “The Kingdom of Aḫḫijawa. The Mycenaeans and Sicily” was inaugurated at the Paolo Orsi Regional Archaeological Museum of Syracuse. This important temporary exhibition deals with the influence of the Mycenaean civilisation in Syracuse and its imprint on the wider development of the prehistoric societies of Sicily.

In the exhibition, works from important Italian Museums are exhibited (the Paolo Orsi Museum, the Museum of Caltanissetta, the Archaeological Museum of Taranto, the Monuments Office of Lecce and Brindisi and the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari).

The Greek Ministry of Culture participates with the loan of 80 works and sets from the National Archaeological Museum, the Archaeological Museum of Mycenae and the Archaeological Museum of Patras.

Greek works occupy a prominent place in the museological narrative, such as the golden cup from the Dendron Vault Tomb, which is displayed in the centre of the exhibition in a special showcase.

With the participation of the Greek Ministry of Culture, the strong ties of cooperation and friendship that link the two countries, Italy and Greece, are confirmed and honored, as well as the continuous cultural exchange and osmosis between the two Mediterranean countries, which since ancient times has further enriched the cultural heritage of all.

The exhibition was inaugurated in the presence of the Director General of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage, Dr Olympia Vikatou. The curators of the exhibition are Dr. Anita Crispino (Parco Archeologico e Paesaggistico di Siracusa Eloro villa del Tellaro e Akrai) and Dr. Reinhard Jung (OeAI).

The exhibition will be open to the public until 9 October 2024

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