The non-profit M.A.M.A (Making Art, Meeting Art) Contemporary launches at its premises in Paphos (16A Andreas Ioannou), after a series of exhibitions abroad, the first international art exhibition entitled REFLECTIONS: The Christian tradition in contemporary work, with the support of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and culture of Cyprus.

Elements, techniques and symbolisms from Christian iconography and tradition, as well as from other religions, are very often found in works by contemporary artists, who use them outside their traditional context, which raises interesting questions. Through their own eyes, they explore, criticize, subvert, celebrate, mourn, transform and bring to the fore everything they encounter in the world.

Thus, all ten artists from Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria-countries with individual differences in socio – political, economic, historical and cultural backgrounds, in which Christianity and especially Orthodoxy is the dominant religion-are inspired or use elements, symbols and styles from the Christian tradition and art, which are an integral part of their culture.  They incorporate them in a different way in their work, as the contemporary work carries ideas, materials, techniques and elements from different cultures and traditions and in combination with the perspective of its creator, many different interpretations can be attributed to it.

Participants: Babis Karalis (Greece), Kyriakos Kousoulidis (Cyprus), Eleni Lyra (Greece), Penka Mincheva (Bulgaria), Elena Panayotova (Bulgaria), Giasemi Rapti (Greece), Andreas Savva( Cyprus), Dimitris Skourogiannis (Greece), Gioula Chatzigeorgiou (Cyprus), Kiril Cholakov (Bulgaria)

Editing by Elena Panayotova and Stratis Pantazis

Exhibition opening: Saturday 26.11.2022

Time: 6m.m.

Exhibition duration: 26.11 – 20.12.2022

Tuesday-Sunday: 4pm-7pm

By appointment: 97843583/99313151

With the support of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and culture of Cyprus.

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