The book presentation of Natalie Haynes’
Stone Blind” took place on Wednesday 5 October 2022 at 5pm (UK) / 7pm (Greece). Was an hybrid event, that took place both in-person at the British School at Athens and live online via Zoom. After the presentation has followed an event for the attendants.

Abstract: Medusa is one of the most recognisable figures in Greek Myth: her face has stared out at us for millennia, from Agamemnon’s shield in the Iliad to Versace’s logo now. Gorgons and gorgon heads were an enormously popular feature on ancient statues and temples. So was Medusa always the terrifying monster we have made her? Natalie Haynes takes you on a fast-paced tour through the history of Medusa, who she was and why we still see her all around us today. From the author of Pandora’s Jar and the new Medusa novel, Stone Blind, Natalie Haynes shows you how to survive contact with someone who can turn you to stone with a glance.

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