Christos Avraam’s artistic practice is a reflection of his willingness to delve into the depths of human experience, unafraid to confront and explore the darkest aspects of existence. Through his expert and artful use of both drawing and, painting, photography, comics and film, he weaves an intricate tapestry of creativity that captures the complexity of human emotion and thought.

His work is imbued with a deep sense of self-deprecation, turning his critical gaze both towards himself and the world around him, often using humour as a tool to navigate the most serious and provocative issues he addresses. Embracing self-deprecation, Christos Avraam invites viewers to consider their own vulnerabilities, insecurities and imperfections, cultivating a sense of humanity and understanding.

Through the rich tapestry of his art, Christos Avraam explores a wide range of themes and influences, combining elements of the present like an everyday documentary to create a multifaceted work that challenges traditional boundaries and expectations. His willingness to merge different media and storytelling techniques results in a layered and immersive artistic experience that invites viewers to question, reflect and engage with the world he creates in new and unexpected ways.

Through his daily practice and dedication to art, Christos Avraam creates a space where the funny and the melancholic, the monstrous and the outrageous, converge to form a subtle and contemplative exploration of life, death and everything in between. His work serves as a mirror to the human experience, reflecting the complexities, contradictions and beauty that define our common existence.

Opening Night: Friday, 15 March 2024| 19:00-22:00

Exhibition Duration: 15 March-06 April 2024

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday (10:00-13:00 and 17:00-20:00)| Saturday 10:30-13:00

Μarginalia Gallery

Arch. Kyprianou 15 ΔΕ, 2059, Strovolos, Tel. 99657080

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