MAD.KAT Gallery in California, USA, presents a group exhibition of 15 participants from Athens, Tokyo, Cairo, Madrid, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Germany and Poland, entitled in-ter-con-nec-tion.

The opening will take place on Saturday 21 October at 19.00 pm, while the exhibition will run until 23 December 2023 and will coincide with the Fall Modernism event in Palm Springs, California. Among the artists, one discovers two Greek participants, Irene Krimizi and Spyros Verykios.

Spyros Verykios, Psychedelic Expressway, 2.3 X 2.4 ft, Oil on canvas, 2023

Participating Artists:

Sharon Bell – originally from Los Angeles, collagist Bell did her undergraduate art studies at UCLA with an MFA from Claremont College. She has been exhibiting her work since 1989.

Juan Martin Del Campo, Jr. – this Southern California native brings a contemporary twist to stained glass reflecting his upbringing as a gay Catholic Latino.

Yutaka Fujii – is a successful, well-regarded and award-winning Tokyo-based production designer for Japanese television and theatre. His colorful paintings bring whimsy to a small scale.

Maha Ibrahim – is a large-scale abstract expressionist painter who has been exhibiting her works in Egypt, North Africa, and the Middle East since 2017.

Grayson Kent – is a worker in wood. In addition to his finely detailed, large-scale woodcut prints, Grayson is a full-time arborist in West Marin.
Steve Ohlrich – surrealist painter and art educator Ohlrich is a Chicago native who now makes Palm Desert his home.

Bonnie Denver Ruttan – Bonnie is an award-winning artist currently working largely in mixed media collage. Her works have been shown internationally. She is a resident of Palm Springs. Pablo Schurgurensky – originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Schurgurensky now makes his home in Madrid, Spain. His style, marked by masterful renderings, social commentary, and deep psychological insight, call to mind the unblinking realities of great Spanish artists Goya and Velazquez.

Kim A. Tolman – gallerist and curator of this show, Tolman is an abstract expressionist painter with a love for color and texture. She is originally from the North Sea coast of Germany, but now calls Palm Springs her home.

Irene Krimizi (b.1994) is an artist based in Athens, Greece. She has obtained a BA(Hons) in Fine Arts from UCA, Kent. She has participated in group exhibitions in Athens and England.
She has also collaborated with video artists for the FONLAD International Video Art Festival, in Portugal.

Tadeusz Torzecki – originally from Warsaw, Poland, Torzecki is a multi-talented sculptor and painter now residing in Los Angeles. He works in steel, stainless steel, wood, concrete, glass, as well as oil, acrylic, and mixed media. His metal fabrications for Frank Gehry designed buildings include LA’s Disney Music Hall and The Metropolitan Opera, New York.

Spyros Verykios – is a multi-talent who hails from Athens, Greece. His surreal paintings have found exhibitions throughout Europe. He is also a published comic artist and the author of four children’s books.

Micha Warren – is a German photographer living in New York City. Originally from the Black Forest, her photography is inspired by the taboos of human experience.

Deirdre Farrell White – is a San Francisco-based painter whose work may best be described as a type of magical realism, where hope and wonder survive amidst a dystopian landscape of chaos and loss. She is a lecturer in Painting and Drawing at the University of California, Davis.

MAD.KAT Gallery was founded to bring new and exciting contemporary art to greater Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. With an emphasis on international and national artists, in addition to talented locals, MAD.KAT Gallery strives to present a high level of artistic excellence to the community.

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