In the works that make up the exhibition ‘The Ultimate Gaze’ (which opens on Friday 12 April at Gallery Marginalia), Hamidieli focuses, as she often does, on the dynamic use of colour where patterns and abstract forms suggest intense visual stimuli that exude dynamism and explosive expression. She combines the use of different materials such as acrylics ,collage and monotypes incorporating inks, charcoals and pastels aiming at abstraction and sometimes narrative. Fotini Hamidieli’s art can refer to abstract , imaginary or internal allegory ,allowing the viewer to interpret the works in different ways and discover diverse meanings.

The philologist and author Dimitra Mitta says of Fotini Hamidieli’s work: “Fotini Hamidieli’s works have a distinct identity both stylistically and thematically. Clearly anthropocentric , they focus on the depiction of mainly the female form. A portrait painter of the human being , the painter does not depict specific faces , she has no models , but depicts aspects of the female entity , which she constantly studies , as if something is elusive , hidden , remains undefined and secret. By crumpling up any external beauty , or disregarding it , with penetrating or closed gazes and with mouths sealed , Hamidieli reveals the truth of an inner being , of humanity with all that it includes , with what man , woman , does not commune with for various reasons. Perhaps that is why the recipient , the recipient of her works feels an intimacy with the forms , as if recognizing an element of the self.


Arch. Kyprianou 15 D Ε 2059 Strovolos, tel.99657080

Opening Hours:
Tuesday– Friday: 10.00 – 13.00 & 17.00 – 20.00
Saturday: 10.30 – 13.00

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