The logo of the 56th Dimitria festival of the Municipality of Thessaloniki travelled to Los Angeles, US, and earned a global prize that enhances the international character of the festival and the openness of the city. Through this award, the creative wealth of Thessaloniki is highlighted yet again, since the city is host to some of the most famous and successful brands in the creative industry of the country.

In particular, the logo of logo of the 56th Dimitria festival was awarded the silver prize at the International Design Awards in Los Angeles. The application had been submitted last October, while the announcement of the awards took place on Thursday 6 January 2022. The visual identity of the festival was voted by renowned judges in the field of global design and was chosen among significant candidates from great brands such as Tesla, Mercedes, Pepsi, etc.
The creative team of the company Lazaridis Hospitality Marketing Services from Thessaloniki designed the visual identity and its applications of the 56th Dimitria festival. The team under Dimitris Lazaridis designed a logo that combines the initial letter “Δ” (D) of the Dimitria and the number 56 of the festival with the “Breaths” of culture, art and life that were highlighted against compulsory lockdowns and the isolation of the pandemic during the 56th festival.

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