The Helmis Natural History Museum is going to inaugurate on 18/5/24 at 18:00 the exhibition of night landscapes of Zakynthos, by the English photographer Paul Crome.

Specifically, the artist aspires through night photography to present constellations that coexist in the galaxy, over particularly well-known- picturesque spots of Zakynthos.

Crome’s black-and-white and colour photographs were taken a year ago: they came out of a great, inner need to tour the island, photographing monuments of the land and clouds of the sky that are part of a living coexistence. Elements of an undefined universe that we are unaware of, which needed to be recorded on the camera lens and explored (regarding the geographical position of Zakynthos, the Ionian Sea and the climatic conditions).

The exhibition, with a duration of 1 month and free admission, takes place in celebration of International Museum Day 2024.The title of this year’s International Museum Day is “Museums for Education and Research”, a theme directly linked to the Museum’s vision and objectives.

Duration: 18/5/-18/6/24

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