The two properties were granted to the Municipality of Elefsina for hosting the activities of the Capital of Culture

The former Refreshment Centre and the Summer Cinema on the coastal front of Elefsina will host projects and actions of the 2023 Elefsis European Capital of Culture, the year of the title. The two properties were granted for this purpose, for 10 years to the Municipality of Elefsina, with a special legislative regulation, while the actions for the declassification of the Land Port Zone had preceded. The two properties will meet the needs of the Capital of Culture and will contribute to the overall upgrading of the coastal front.

The building of the former recreation center, which was constructed during the hosting period of the American base, is located at a central point of the coastal front, in direct connection with the main pedestrian street of Elefsina. It consists of a single multi-purpose hall and ancillary spaces that host artistic and educational workshops, screenings and meetings. The Elefsina Summer Cinema, located next to the Refreshment Centre, is the only summer cinema in the city.

Both properties are landmarks of the city and a magnet for young people of all ages, as well as for ethnic clubs. The main objective of both the 2023 Elefsis European Capital of Culture and the Municipality of Elefsina is the renovation of the two buildings, so that they become important legacy projects that will be bequeathed to the city by the institution of the Capital of Culture.

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