With the completion of the salt harvest of this season “Diexodos” organizes and presents a new exhibition. It is an exhibition of photography related to shots from all stages of salt production. From the shaping of the ‘pans’, perforation and watering to the extraction, harvesting and creation of the threshing floors with the famous white salt pyramids.

The photos were taken exclusively from the Tourlis saltworks, where the Salt Museum is located and operates, the first and only thematic museum of its kind in Greece.  The photography professor Polydefkis Asonitis  was at the salt marsh and for five months followed all the stages of the cultivation season, from its beginning to the harvest. He watched the threshers from dawn to midnight and captured with his camera everything that his artistic eye touched. The workers in their t-shirts “baking” under the sun, working beside and on top of the machines, shovelling in the rain with their niches and raincoats, moving in the deep darkness with their galoshes and barefoot on the sharp grains of salt, collecting froth.

The exhibition, which includes 60 framed photographs,black and white and colour, will open on Saturday, October 8, 2022, at 8 p.m. on the upper floor of the “Dixodos” Historical Museum in the Holy City of Messolonghi  and will last until Sunday 23 October 2022.

It is reminded that no special individual invitations will be sent for the exhibition and it will be open daily (except Wednesday & Thursday) with free admission from 11 am to 1.30 pm and on Friday weekends, except during the morning hours the exhibition will also be open in the afternoons from 6.30 to 8.30 pm

Polydefkis Asonitis was born in 1956 in Ioannina, where he currently resides.

He studied Economics, Pedagogy and Photography.

He holds a doctorate in the field of Semiotics of Art and a postgraduate degree in the Department of Art Sciences of the School of Fine Arts of Ioannina.

He studied photography at the “Laboratory for the Study and Application of Photography” of Dimitris Hliveros, at the “PHOTOKINISIS” of George Passia and at the “PHOTOGRAPHIC CYCLE” of Platonas Rivelis.

He taught photography at the School of Visual Studies of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and the IEK Epirus.

He is a permanent collaborator of the magazine “PHOTOGRAPHER”.

He has published the photographic albums “Landscapes of Childhood”, “Calliopeia” and “The Karvouniarians of Pindos” and has held many exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

He is a founding member of the Ioannina photographic groups “Photovision” and “Photographers” and in Igoumenitsa of the photographic group “5+1 clicks together”.

His main photographic projects are : “The charcoal makers of Pindos”, “The Pomakochoria of Xanthi”, “The mud baths of Krinidon”, “The festivals in Epirus”, “The Amvrakikos”, “The Ragoutsaria of Kastoria”, “The Koudounophores of Sochos”, “The Niggers of Drama”, “The Epitaphs in Corfu”, “The Feast of the Myrrh Bearers in Corfu”, “The Feast of St. Symios in Messolonghi”, “The Salt Flats in Messolonghi”.

He has been selected three times in “Photometry” for “Parallel Voices”, with the projects: “Amvrakikos” 2016, “Mud baths of Krinidon” 2018, “Messolonghi – The city of sea and sky” 2021.

He has also been selected and exhibited three times in “PHOTOVISION” of the magazine PHOTOGRAPHOS.

In 2021, he received the first place in a competition of iFocus.gr and Pulb, in the Phos Athens competition.

He was recently selected by iFocus.gr in the competition: “I (s) Land, where he exhibited at iFocus Gallery.

An honorary screening of his work was done by Lens Culture and he is an official Fujifilm Hellas photographer (Official Fujifilm X – Photographer).

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