On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the historic naval battle of Samos (1824-2024), the Cultural Association of Pythagorion “Lykourogos”, in cooperation with the Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece – National Historical Museum organize the exhibition:

“That the enemy persists through Samon is no doubt.

March towards independence”

The exhibition, which is under the auspices of the Municipality of Eastern Samos, will be presented at Art Space Pythagorion and is part of the festivities planned in Samos in honour of the anniversary.

The opening will take place on Saturday 15 June 2024 at 19:30, while the exhibition will run until 10 July. The event will be addressed by:

– the President of the Cultural Association of Pythagorion ” Lykourgos “, Andreas Axiotis

– the Mayor of Eastern Samos, Paris Papageorgiou

– the Deputy Mayor of Culture, Maria Kondyli

The curator and scientific collaborator of the National Historical Museum, George Nikolaou, will speak about the exhibition.

Through authentic documents, reproductions and audiovisual material from the Collections of the National Historical Museum, the exhibition aims to highlight the Greek Navy and its decisive contribution in repelling any attempted invasion of Samos during the War of Independence. The need to protect the island, as the last bastion of the Revolution in the Eastern Aegean after the disasters of Chios, Kasos and Psara, is reflected in the title of the exhibition, which contains a quote from a letter written by Andreas Miaoulis to the precursors of Hydra on 26 September 1826.

The exhibition begins with a map showing the global geopolitical situation at the beginning of the 19th century. The first describes the conditions in the Ottoman Balkans and the multi-level preparation of the nation for the uprising (spiritual, political, military), the second attempts to highlight the action of the Greek fleet and the important role it played in the successful outcome of the Revolution, while the third, dedicated exclusively to Samos, outlines the island’s route throughout the 19th century, from the political ferment in the first decade and its participation in the Struggle, to its status of autonomous hegemony and its union with Greece in 1912.

Art Space Pythagorion, Puthagorion 83103, Samos

Duration: 15 June– 10 July 2024

Opening Hours: 20.00-23.00

Admission Free

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