The 2023 Elefsis European Capital of Culture is organizing Mystery_99 The ARK / LANDSHIP and will welcome TimeCircus next February in Elefsina in the largest pilgrimage procession in the city’s 3500 years of history.

TimeCircus, the artistic collective from Antwerp (Belgium), crosses Europe on a land ship, LANDSHIP, which moves only by human power. Their long journey aspires to be a vivid commentary on the 21st century of recession, climate change and the indiscriminate consumption of natural resources. An action of encouragement, strength, hope and participation of all European citizens. The team will participate in the opening ceremony of 2023 Elefsis, walking 3,000 kilometres in nine months.

Having started from Antwerp on 27 May 2022, the TimeCircus journey is an exercise in being “on the road”, during which the team aspires to meet many different people from all over Europe, to exchange views, to be inspired, to create and to gain mutual love and respect. Their procession will end in Elefsina carrying all their experiences as a hymn to diversity.

Upon their arrival, TimeCircus will start the construction of The ARK. This is an Ark of Eternal Youth and Culture, a space for the young people of the city. In The ARK everyone will have access and no social group will be excluded. At its centre will be the LANDSHIP, the land ship on which TimeCircus crossed Europe to reach Elefsina, which will function as a mobile group exhibition of all the materials and stories they collected along the way.

Having already arrived on 21 September at their first stop, the Hungarian city of Veszprém, sister city of the Capital of Culture for 2023, the group tells the story of their experiences in five countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Germany, Austria and Hungary. At the beginning of November they will arrive at their next destination, Timisoara, Romania, the third Capital of Culture for 2023.

 A few words about Timecircus

 Timecircus have built installations, artworks and meeting spaces in public space, always using recycled materials and calling their style “Archaeo-futuristic”. Following the ideology of “by man for man”, each of their works exists because of its actual use. They believe that any social change only emanates from the actions of small groups. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only way.” (Margaret Mead). In this way, every individual can influence the environment by taking action and expressing their passion. The creative core of the group consists of 15 artists, craftsmen and creatives. Depending on the action, the group invites members of the wider “family” to join forces and co-create. In addition, during its artistic interventions, the group also reaches out to random passers-by to contribute to its works and actions.

A few words about The ARK Cultural Park

With The ARK, TimeCircus wants to create a sustainable landmark that promotes reconciliation and unity, bending any political, social and philosophical objections to freedom. The ultimate goal of the group is to create a culturally “free” place for the young people of Elefsina and the surrounding areas. The design of The ARK will take place in the city of Elefsina with the participation of the residents and will last for three months, from February to April 2023. The aim is to lay the foundations for a process of planning and establishing activities, partnerships, programmes and actions that will transform The ARK into an active cultural centre.

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