Dance, music, singing, costumes, images, memories, presences and the dance reunion of bands make up the palette of events organised on Wednesday 8 May by the municipality of Patras in cooperation with the Florists’ Association for the celebration of May Day.

The reference point of this year’s actions will be the squares of Ιpsila Alonia and Omonia. Thousands of Patrinians are expected to attend a dance and music feast with dances and songs from all over Greece in the square of Ipsila Alonia, an example of the greatness of amateur creation and expression.

More than 600 dancers from 32 dance clubs will leave their mark in the square of Ipsila Alonia.

The clubs will gather at 6.30 in the afternoon at the upper part of the Trion Navarchon Square and then they will parade around the perimeter of the Ipsila Alonia Square wearing their traditional costumes.

The programme will start at 7.30 in the afternoon with the clubs presenting traditional dances in the two stalls that will be set up.

The event is organized by the Dance Department of the Municipality of Patras in cooperation with the Institute of Intercultural Relations.

At 9.30 in the evening at Omonia Square a concert will begin with the “Bandarte” Orchestra presenting contemporary, rebetika, old folk and political songs.

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