The educational programme “Earthquake Risk and Protection Measures – Let’s get to know Earthquakes” was a great success with the participation of 26 students from the Pirandello High School “LAMPEDUSA”.

During their visit to the Natural History Museum of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos, the Italian students were informed about the creation of the Petrified Forest. This was followed by a briefing in the Museum’s exhibition, where they learned about all the processes of our planet, through educational constructions and cartographic material, which are used in the context of educational activities.

They then participated in the special educational activity for the understanding of the geodynamic processes that cause earthquakes to occur, followed by a special experiential educational activity at the Museum’s seismic bench. As part of the activity, the students also visited a geological fault in the Museum’s surrounding area.

Through the special educational activities on earthquakes in which students and teachers participate, the Museum emphasizes the need for continuous preparation and education in order to deal with the earthquake risk in the best possible way. In terms of seismicity, Greece ranks first in Europe and sixth in the world. Seismic activity is also intense in neighbouring Italy, where the students came from.

Students and teachers took part in the experiential educational activity of earthquake simulation at the Museum’s seismic bank, guided by the Museum’s staff, Stratis Zgournios and Nikos Grammenopoulos. During the activity, they had the opportunity to experience the simulation of strong earthquakes from Greece and abroad. They also learned about the protection measures that they should have taken before the occurrence of the phenomenon, during it and how they should act after it is over.

The experience of seismic movement in the seismic bank and the contact with the earthquake phenomenon helps to eliminate the feeling of panic and the awareness of the need for proper preparation in order to face the seismic risk.

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