A journey to our childhood with the collection of old toys recently acquired by the Historical Archives – Museum of Hydra and a series of paintings and constructions by Tasos Mantzavinos, is attempted by Museum of Hydra, obeying the extremely poetic motto “only homeland, our childhood!”.

The collection of Maxie Leoussis includes porcelain dolls, colourful geishas, toy pianos, various animals and miniature furniture that made up the dollhouse of the period. There are still representative toys, most of them tin or wooden from the late 19th to mid-20th century.

The exhibition is complemented by the presence of a painter, known for his love and inexhaustible collections of everything related to the world of toys from antiquity to the present day. Three-dimensional constructions function as an extension of painting, drawing on loans from sculpture. Tasos Mantzavinos used color, drawing, composition, but supplemented with many disparate strange objects. He took them from Monastiraki and tied them to his art. Zarokuti, spinning tops and snakes occupy the Museum of Hydra for a month and invite us to play with art.

Idea – exhibition design: Dina Adamopoulou
Curator. Yorgos Mylonas

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