Directly from Venice, the installation entitled L’Homme Pensant arrives in Greece for the solo exhibition signed by Didier Guillon at the Historical Archives- Museum of Hydra.

The sculptures have already been presented during the international EGO programme held at the Venetian Palazzo Bonvicini throughout 2023, along with other magnificent works of art by Carles Valverde, Vangelis Kyris and Anatoli Georgiev.

As the EGO came to an end a few months ago, the Fondation Valmont turned Guillon’s works into a solo exhibition ready to travel, making it one of the 2024 touring exhibitions to be found in several exclusive venues. To delve more substantially into the subject of this project, we quote below Didier Guillon’s statement on its installation.

Didier Guillon states: “Art is our idea of beauty, which appeals to the senses and emotions. The artist is the person who has a sense of beauty and can create a work of art. The Ego is the self-awareness of the artistic self, the source of inspiration for the creation of beauty. In creating L’Homme Pensant, I wanted to reflect on these definitions. It is a distorted representation of beauty, the impossible result of creation, a kind of non-beauty. It had to be a kind of inner cry, an inner discomfort, hence the distorted physiognomy of the character of the Ego. The installation entitled L’Homme Pensant consists of ten sculptures representing busts of men screaming. The idea is to reverse the concept of classical beauty: the artist, who was used to having Beauty as his primary objective, is now called upon to represent the absence of beauty itself. Unlike traditional plaster cast galleries that present pure, white human figures, with harmonious features and proportions, these men scream, trapped in unfamiliar bodies that are not recognized as their own. Covered in gold paint, the busts are finally refined with an entirely new quality.”

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