The Art Exhibition Geo-Time and Poseidonias derives its title from the contemporary danger of an impending environmental disaster due to climate change and the Poseidonias, the favorite plants of Poseidon, which resist climate change by storing and positively influencing the global carbon cycle (C). Through the works of eight artists, this visual exhibition deals with the issue of today’s man-made challenge to the environment as a creative gesture of environmental responsibility.

The exhibition Geo-Time and Poseidonias, which is structured by seven visual installations and a visual performance, is thematically linked to the archaeological site of the temple of Poseidon and Amphitrite, in Kionia, Tinos, where Poseidon was also worshiped as a healing physician. Poseidon, in addition to being the god of the sea, was also connected to the earth: the geophysical destructive phenomena were the result of his action and were attributed to his wrath, while he was considered capable of moving and saving and thus the ancient Greeks invoked him to restore stability (the one who brings safety and salvation)

Through personal journeys and traces of the characteristics of the anthropocene, the works in the exhibition Geo-Time and Poseidonias, translate thoughts, places, and desires into forms, inviting the public to a participatory, conceptual, and sensory process. On the occasion of the different manifestations of the mythical existence and action of Poseidon, connected to the sea and the land, the ancient Greek philosophical concept of environmental responsibility and the beneficial natural resistance of the Poseidonia meadows to the climate crisis, the exhibition Geo-Time and Poseidonias aspires to become a bearer of an optimistic message for a holistic view of anthropogenic climate change.

Kostis Velonis 

Aspasia Gianneta

Niki Zachari

Katerina Katsifaraki

Loukas Loukidis 

Xenofon Bitsikas 

Leonidas Chalepas 

Vivetta Christouli

Curator: Vivetta Christouli

Opening Night: Thursday 4 July 2024 at 19:00

Arnados Primary School, Arnados Cultural Center, Municipality of Tinos

On the opening day at 20:30 the art performance of Niki Zachari, Anasa, 2024 will take place.

Duration:04/07/2024 – 10/08/2024

Working Times:18:00-21:00 daily, excluding Tuesday


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