The Municipality of Agia invites us all for another year to


31 August– 7 September, AGIA

In accordance with the configuration of the program of the Municipality of Agia, we are all invited to the festive events organized in the city and include

a) The religious feast of the patron saints of Saint Anthony

b) The opening of the 26th Apple Festival

c) The Anniversary of the liberation from the Turks

d) The parallel events

Among the many events of the program, stand out the concert with Glykeria (Friday, 01/09), the event “Music of the World” with Calioppe and Manolis Androulidakis (Saturday, 02/09), the “Journey to the Land of the Bouzouki” , with Thanasis Vassilas (Sunday, 03/09), the evening of traditional dances with the group of Kostas Kostoulis (Monday, 04/09), the musical evening with the Folk Orchestra of the Municipal Conservatory of Larissa (Tuesday, 05/09), as well as the musical evening with Evita Theodoropoulou (Wednesday, 06/09).

The celebration will end on Thursday, 07/09, in a groundbreaking way, as young people will have the floor with a special youth music night with musical groups.

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