On Friday 21 June 2024, at 8pm, at the Fethiye Mosque in Nafpaktos, the artist Elli Barbagianni presents her 5th solo exhibition.

Works that refer in a symbolic way to this special place of the city of Nafpaktos, its history and its human uses.

With materials such as yarn, wood, metal, glass, clay and salt, compositions are created that harmonize, comment and convey concepts and emotions to the visitors who, through the gathering and contact with art, lead to another view of space and history.

As the Curator and Art Historian Yannis Bolis notes: “In this special space, Ellie Barbayanni presents the exhibition Place of the Last Gathering, with her compositions-installations constituting an integrated proposal, a multiple connection of images and concepts, a multifaceted visual environment, original and inventive, but at the same time abundant and rich in content, connotations and readings – a visual environment where memory and history are symbiotic with the concepts of life and death, memory and history, sanctity and coexistence, trauma and healing; a visual environment where the space is not just an evocative setting, but organically blends with the works, welcoming them, enhancing their symbolic implications and historical references“.

The exhibition is held, with the concession of the monument, as part of the annual cultural events organized by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Aitoloakarnania and Lefkada.

Duration 21 June through 10 July 2024. 

Opening Times: daily 11.00-13.00 and 19.00-21.30, excluding Tuesdays

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