A carnival “invitation” from the municipality of Agia, for a spree that will compensate carnival-goers for the absence of events in the last two years.

This year’s events are expected to be quite rich throughout the Municipality of Agia, since this year they are organized (as every year) with the cooperation and support of local associations (women, cultural, professional, commercial, hunting, parents and guardians, 1st Scout system). At the same time, the participation in the events of the students of the schools of Agia, who lead the way in their programming, guarantee success and fun.

More specifically, on Sunday, February 26, the carnival events in Agia start from 5: 00 m.m. with games and activities for the little carnival, parade and burning of the Carnival King, Carnival dances and maypole. The fire will be lit at 7: 00m.m. in the central square of Agia, accompanied by music, traditional dishes will be offered.

In the villages of the municipality of Agia the fires are lit from 7m.m. and then to: Aetolofo, Gerakari, Megalovriso, Metaxochori, watermills, Potamia, Stomio, Amygdali, Melivoia, Skete, Velika and Koutsoupia where wine and delicacies will be offered.

On Clean Monday, February 27, Lenten dishes, hot bean soup, wine and halva will be offered from 11am in Agia, Anavra, Elafo, Karitsa, Sklithro, Sotiritsa, Skete, Melivoia, Anatoli, Dimitra, Kastri, Amygdali, Homolio, Paleopyrgo and Velika.

The beaches of the municipality of Agia on Clean Monday are waiting for you to fly the kite and taste the Lenten dishes.

At Stomio visitors will have the opportunity to taste cooked cuttlefish, wine and halva custom unique in Thessaly.


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