The Dance Department of the Cultural Organization organizes the 2nd

“Dance Meeting” at the South Municipal Park 22-23-24 July 2022. For the “Dance Meeting” the Dance Department invites you to attend the 2nd Dance Meeting of the “Dance Department” on 20-20-2022-2022. Invitation to all clubs and groups of Patras and the wider region that maintain dance sections of traditional dance groups and groups of the wider region giving them the opportunity to present their work and by providing the appropriate material and technical infrastructure.

The responsibility of the organization will be assumed by the Dance Department of the

Cultural Organization

The days of the “Dance Adamoma” are Friday

22/7 – Saturday 23/7 and Sunday 24/7/2022

The groups during their presence at the venue must observe all the rules and regulations of the festival and the health rules that will be in force at the specific time period.

The performances will take place in a loft (12X10m) and the total presentation time for each band will be strictly 15 minutes. Each club can participate with a dance section of up to 25

persons. The presentation of the dance groups must be in representative costumes of the region of the dances presented.

The music and songs of the dances must be provided by electronic

(e-mail) and in the order specified by each group.

Entries can be made on the website of the dance club from 15 June 2021.

until July 10, 2021.

The members of the participating groups will be given souvenirs

and water and a small treat will be provided after the performance.


Christos Giannopoulos: 6976717589, Ziakou Ioanna: 6873692488

Zarnavalou Stavroula: 6948552973, Tzouvelekis Vassilis: 6974951902



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