The Municipality of Agia and the Public Benefit Enterprise “KALYPSO”, after 2 years of absence due to a pandemic, invite you to the city of Agia, in order to attend the rich festivities of the Agiotiko Festival and the 25th Milos Festival, which will take place from Wednesday 31 August 2022 to Friday 8 September 2022.

A co-organization of the Municipality of Agia, the Region of Thessaly, the PED Thessaly and the DEYA Agia, which includes the religious celebration of the Holy Antonians, the celebration of the Anniversary of the Liberation of Agia from the Turkish yoke, the 25th Milos Festival, as well as various cultural, artistic and sporting events.

This year the events of the Agiotiki Festival and the 25th Milos Festival are taking place in the context of the actions of the Good Practice Transfer Network “Volunteering Cities +” of the European Programme URBACT III as on 30 & 31 August it hosts the partners of the programme for the 5th International Meeting. The Good Practice Transfer Network “Volunteering Cities+” has been approved under the European Programme URBACT III and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

THURSDAY, 01/09/2022

7:30 am Mass – Divine Liturgy celebrated by the rector of St. Panteleimon of Agia, Archimandrite
Nicodemus Agathonikos
10:00 am Arrival of officials, doxology, speech for the liberation of the city, laying of wreaths
7:00 pm 3km race "Agia's Tour" with the support of the Agia Health Runners Association. Start
and finish in front of the Church of St. Anthony
9:30 pm Music Night at Agia square with Flash Back

FRIDAY, 02/09/2022
7:30 pm Apple making and activities for children by the KDP FOCUS in the square
9:30 pm Music Night with the Blues Trackers

SATURDAY, 03/09/2022
7:30 pm Activities for children by the KDC "Fatsoules" in the square
9:30 pm Folk night by the football team DOTIAS AGIA A.O.

SUNDAY, 04/09/2022
11:45am 30th Anatoli Ascent (cycling race) Start at Agia Square – finish at Anatoli – awards
9:30 pm Festival of Traditional Dances

MONDAY, 05/09/2022
7:00pm BICYCLATOVOLTA (in the apple orchards)
9:30pm Music evening with ENTOPICA

TUESDAY, 06/09/2022
7:30 pm Taekwondo demonstration by the KOAN Association of Agia at the square
9:30 pm Music Night with the Folk Orchestra of DOL

Ορχήστρα Λαικής Μουσικής ΔΩΛ / Municipal Conservatory of Larissa

WEDNESDAY , 07/09/2022
7:30 pm Presentation of a dance theatre event by the MOS dance theatre group at the square

9:30 pm Disco Night with DJ Lambros Blekos and Yannis Kalimanis

THURSDAY, 08/09/2022
7:30 pm Activities for children by the 1st Scout System of Agia at the square
9:30 pm Water activities by the DEYA of Agia – Music evening with the M. Theodorakis Orchestra
and Dimitris Basis, Savveria Margiolas and Angelos Theodorakis. Musical director.

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