At a record price for the Greek wine market, two of the collectible bottles “Labyrinth 21 Years” were sold for € 6,000 each, during the anniversary charity auction organized on Friday, October 1, by VERGOS Auctions and Domaine SKOURAS.

On the occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821, the Domaine SKOURAS released the fine wine “Labyrinth 21 Years” and offered 21 bottles for the auction. The final proceeds from the 21 collectible bottles approached the symbolic -but also extremely substantial- amount of € 21,000 which in its entirety is intended to support the purposes of the Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door.

VERGOS Auctions has always highlighted what “deserves to be saved”, staying true to the characteristics of rarity, originality, historicity, quality, as well as investment value. The collaboration with Domaine SKOURAS for a good cause gives rise to new ideas concerning the selection of wine in addition the unique taste experience it offers; it is also an investment proposal that includes all the above characteristics of a cultural asset of collectible value. After all, quality wine means companionship, dialogue, experience and ultimately culture.

This action will give new development perspectives to the “Greek wine” brand as an exportable and investment product. Besides, in recent years, Greek wine is gradually gaining its rightful place in the world market. 


The joint initiative demonstrates the modern concept that combines business activity and extroversion with social responsibility and contribution. The auction took place at the SKOURAS Domaine Winery, in a beautiful lush area, among vineyards. The President of the Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door, Mrs. Daphne Economou, warmly thanked Andreas Vergos, Managing Director of VERGOS Auctions and George Skouras, owner of the Domaine SKOURAS, congratulating their initiative as well as the results of the auction. The high price and the impressive response proved beyond doubt that current circumstances are ripe for such cultural investments in our country.

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