The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) addresses an open call to young people aged 18 to 25 who are interested in cultural programming and production with the aim of creating the SNFCC Youth Council, a creative team of 20 people, which will be responsible for curating an independent program of events, which will be part of the annual programming of the SNFCC.

The aim of the creation of the SNFCC Youth Council, which is carried out thanks to the donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), is to strengthen the engagement of young people with the design and implementation of events that directly concern them and express them, while, at the same time, these programs will be in open dialogue with the interests of their generation.

At the heart of this new SNFCC initiative is the broader vision of providing opportunities, but also practical support to young people, in order to plan and then implement actions directly related to their interests and concerns.

In addition, through the creation of the SNFCC Youth Council, the SNFCC approaches the curation and production of cultural events focusing on the inclusion and participation of people from different cultural and social backgrounds. As in all aspects of its operation and action, the SNFCC wishes to offer equal opportunities for participation regardless of nationality or national origin, religion, sexual orientation, educational background, gender and other elements of their personal identity.

The SNFCC Youth Council will be accompanied by the SNFCC’s programming and production team, which will act in support without interference with the content and execution of its actions. In addition, all the necessary infrastructure and tools will be provided for the implementation of the actions planned by the Youth Council.

More specifically, the SNFCC Youth Council will offer:

  • Practical training in the whole range of programming and production of actions, as well as familiarization with project management for different formats of events such as music events, performances, exhibitions, sports programs, workshops, etc. Indicative: action planning, budget management, production execution.
  • Providing Mentoring by members of the programming team
  • and production of the SNFCC through meetings.
  • A training program exclusively for SNFCC Youth Council members, which will include, among others, workshops, lectures, meetings with professionals in the field and screenings.
  • Monitoring of selected SNFCC programs and actions, as well as visits to other institutions and areas of the sector.

The SNFCC youth council meetings will be held twice a month at the SNFCC, while once a month an educational event will be organized specifically for its members. Participation in meetings is mandatory.

Duration of participation in SNFCC Youth Council: one year.

Applicants must complete an application by December 17, 2022. For more information or questions can be addressed to the email [email protected].

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