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For the Panhellenic Monologue Competition on Stage

of the Screenwriters Association of Greece

The Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Patras in collaboration with DI.PE.THE.
Patras participate in the conduct of the Panhellenic Writing Competition and
interpretation of an original monologue on stage (lasting up to 15 minutes)
Hellenic Screenwriters Association, organizing the qualifying process
in Patras.
For the needs of the qualifiers, a jury has been set up by the Union
Screenwriters of Greece with the Artistic Director of DI.PE.THE

Patras Louka Thanos as president. The qualifiers will take place at the Municipal Theater
Apollo, between 4 and 17 April 2022.
Interested parties can submit their proposals up to 4
April 2022 at the address
registration /, indicating by all means their place of residence.
For any questions or clarifications, they can contact us by email
[email protected] or by phone 6932089819. More information and
the terms of participation in the competition are provided through its website
Hellenic Screenwriters Association at

The effort has so far been embraced by 27 municipalities of the country taking over
the conduct of the qualifying matches in their city.