Teloglion is extending until Wednesday 29 June for those who wish to participate in the national painting competition in memory of Loukas Venetoulias, by delivering their work at the Foundation’s premises (159A Agios Dimitriou Street, Thessaloniki, P.C. 54636).
This is the 4th Panhellenic painting competition entitled “Painting Competition: Loukas Venetoulias”, which is open to artists up to 35 years old (adults, born from 01.01.1987 onwards). The theme of this year’s 4th competition is climate change and each contestant may submit one painting. A five-member jury will select four works from among the contestants and the best of them will be awarded a symbolic sum of money. The remaining three works will be awarded equal praise. The four selected works will remain in the collection of the Telloglio Foundation.
The works of the competition will be exhibited within the exhibition space of the Telloglio Foundation in 2022. Attached, you will find a file with the terms and conditions of the 4th Panhellenic Painting Competition “Loukas Venetoulias”.
Submission of works.
Monday, Monday, Monday to Friday, 14:00-14:00; Monday, Monday to Friday, 14:00-14:00: Teloglio Secretariat 2310991610 on working days and hours 09:00 – 15:00.

4th Panhellenic painting competition
“Painting competition: Loukas Venetoulias”

Terms and conditions of the competition:

– The competition was established as an institution in memory of the painter Loukas Venetoulias.
– The competition is held every two years and is open to adult artists up to thirty-five (35) years of age, with no other restrictions.
– Contestants shall submit one painting each, together with their curriculum vitae. The largest dimension of the work should not exceed 150 cm, with no limitation for smaller sizes.
– The jury of the competition is composed of five members.
– The works of the competition are exhibited in a space of the Foundation for a specific period of time, which is announced in time and in case of a large number of works, the jury decides how many and which works will be exhibited.
– The jury will select four (4) of the exhibited works. The best of these will be awarded a symbolic sum of money and the other three works will be awarded three equal commendations.
– The four selected works will remain in the collection of the Telloglio Foundation.
– The announcement of the competition is published in every available medium, on the Foundation’s website and social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
– For this year’s 4th edition of the competition, the deadline for submissions is set from 4 May to 8 June 2022 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9:00-14:00). The time of the competition and the presentation of the projects will be announced in due time.
– The work will be delivered either in person by the artist himself/herself by signing the relevant handover protocol, or by an authorised representative accompanied by a document certifying the artist’s identity (ID card or passport or driving licence).
– At the end of the competition and the exhibition of the participating works, the artists will be notified in writing or by email of the receipt of their works. Receipt of the works can be made no later than one month (30 days) after the written or email notification. In case of non-response to the receipt of the works, they will be sent to the recipient with a charge.

More information: Secretariat 2310991610 on working days and hours 09:00 – 15:00.

Loukas Venetoulias (1930-1984)
Loukas Venetoulias was born in Thessaloniki on 16 January 1930. He took his first painting lessons from N. G. Venetelios. N. N. Pentzikis. After three years of studies at the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, he took his exams at the Athens School of Fine Arts and studied painting with S. Papaloukas and G. G. Venetelios. He studied painting with G. G. Moralis and G. Moralis. During his studies he was awarded with praise and prizes and, after graduation, he returned to Thessaloniki where he began his artistic career. He held 12 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He taught free drawing at the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and art history and set design at a private theatre and film school. She made sets and costumes for the K. Koun Art Theatre and the A. Katseli Company. In addition to painting, he was involved in graphic design and book illustration and published articles on art in newspapers and magazines. Ideologically consistent and socially active, he was a founding member of the Association of Artists of Visual Arts of Northern Greece (SKETBE), where he served as vice-president of the Board until his death, and fought for the establishment of a School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki. His works can be found in galleries, museums, foundations, etc., as well as in many private collections in Greece and abroad. He died on 26 August 1984 in Thessaloniki. After his death, solo exhibitions were held and his works were presented in various venues with works by other artists.