Auditions for Greek or foreign musicians living in Greece and for Greeks abroad

In the context of supporting creators and performers, the Athens Concert Hall expands and upgrades the program “The Concert Hall listens” of the series BRIDGES, in collaboration with the Music Works Rightholders’ Cooperative EDEM, and expands the Open Platforms with both digital and physical auditions.

The Open Platforms, a very important initiative of the Concert Hall, begin in mid-November. The auditions will take place at regular intervals, either in person at the Athens Concert Hall, or online. In this way, the auditions are open to Greek artists from all over the country and abroad as well as to foreign musicians living and working in Greece, with no age limit.

As for the evaluation criteria, special emphasis is given to innovation, authenticity, technical and interpretive excellence, orchestration, originality of the arrangement, wherever relevant, and the creative connection of music and text, as far as songs are concerned.

This initiative aims to support the country’s musical potential in practice. First, creators and performers are given the opportunity to present their work in auditions. Then, the artists will be presented to the public and gain access to a wide network of musical activities (concerts, recordings, promotion on social media, etc.).

Application Deadline: February 14, 2022

Audition evaluation committee:

Giannis Vakarelis, Art Director of the Athens Concert Hall
Dimitra Galani, singer-songwriter, member of EDEM
Stavros Lantsias, pianist-composer, member of the Board of EDEM
Dimitris Maragopoulos, composer, head of the Bridges Series

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