From audiovisual productions and digital installations to immersive games, the Onassis ONX Immersive Proof-of-Concept program welcomes digital artists to experiment with emerging technologies and new media and create digital worlds and evolutionary immersive experiences that go beyond the bounds of conventional artistic storytelling.

Onassis ONX is launching the first open call for Greek digital artists to participate in an international program focused on the creation of innovative artistic works between April and December 2024. The program is part of Onassis ONX activities, the Onassis Foundation‘s global new media and digital culture program.

In response to the worldwide surge in immersive storytelling and the limited engagement of Greek creators in digital arts, Onassis ONX is establishing a program to support and fund (up to 10.000€) local artists in developing high quality immersive experiences and participating in major international festivals and pitching events.

Onassis ONX’s Immersive Proof-of-Concept is designed to overcome the challenges of creating a digital production, supporting creators from initial concept creation prototype development… and beyond. During the program, participants will have multiple presentation opportunities concluding to a final showcase of an artwork of high artistic quality, technical functionality and financial viability (Proof of Concept). To do so, Onassis ONX brings together partners from all over the world to share knowledge, experiences, and secrets from the markets in which they operate. The program addresses to artists, producers, creative coders, and creative researchers and their teams, as well as anyone who enjoys creating new words with emerging technologies.


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