How can we use market mechanisms and disruptive technologies as tools to challenge conventional narratives creatively and create new forms of value? What does the proper use of Artificial Intelligence entail? Is there an ethical and democratic dimension to design? Are we in a position to wage critique on existing institutions and allow the multitude of voices to be heard while seeking for social impact and new forms of value?

Onassis ONX, the global new media and digital culture program of the Onassis Foundation, and ACE (Athens Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation) of the Athens University of Economics and Business co-organize the Innovation, Tech & Culture Summer School program, launching a platform for the development of skills for creators who wish to produce innovative, radical, ethical and thought-provoking concepts that are financially and environmentally sustainable at the same time.

Innovation, Tech & Culture is a ten-day Summer School that focuses on Digital Culture, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation in the age of Artificial Intelligence. The program is realized in collaboration with the Tandon School of Engineering of New York University and the Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean in the framework of the “European Digital Deal” EU program.

Innovation, Tech & Culture

Art is transforming into a catalyst for innovation and is entering the entrepreneurial world, intending to test existing practices and invent new business models based on the notions of justice, ethics, and sustainability, while exploring the intersection of creative expression and commercial success,

The Summer School seeks to bring together the world of digital arts with the realms of technology, Artificial Intelligence, and entrepreneurship and contribute to the harnessing of art and creative thinking toward the disclosure and tackling of societal, environmental, and business challenges.

The School will be hosted on the premises of the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation of the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Declaration of Interest by: 11 June, 2024
Announcement of Results: 18 June, 2024
Dates of the Program: 10-20 July, 2024

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