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Open call for artists

11th Young Artists Festival “The 12 Cups”

From 15 to 29 May 2022

The Festival of Young Artists “The 12 Coupes”, faithful to its annual spring appointment since May 2011, is organized again this year at the Carriage – Train Theatre in Rouf for the 11th year and invites young artists to create innovative projects of short duration (10-30 minutes) and present them daily for a continuous 15 days, from Sunday 15 May to Sunday 29 May 2022.

During these 11 years, the unique global cultural railway festival, inspired and established by Tatiana Lygari, has highlighted, encouraged and promoted young artists and groups from the fields of Theatre, Music, Dance and Visual Arts, offering a platform for expression and creativity as well as a trigger for new collaborations to more than 170 talented young groups with a total of more than 700 artists.

The core of the Festival and its source of inspiration was initially the New Wagon of the Carriage with its 12 compartments, but also every unpredictable, stage and non-stage space of the Carriage. This year, priority will be given, apart from the other spaces, to the fully equipped outdoor stage that the spacious Train Station in Rouf has now.

The axes that determine the selection of the proposed performances of the Festival are: the fusion of the arts, interactivity and the satirical dimension as well as themes inspired by the idea of the Train such as “the journey” in every dimension, departure, arrival, station, escape, movement, transition in combination with contemporary concerns such as osmosis, exchange, confinement, isolation, exclusion, communication, coexistence, privacy.

Another selection criterion is the originality of the projects and their presentation for the first time in the framework of this Festival.

All performances will be presented on a daily basis from 19:30 to 23:30 in a rolling programme, for a continuous 15 days.

Youth groups and individual artists from all forms of art (Theatre, Music, Dance, Visual Arts, Photography, Film, VideoArt, etc.) who wish to participate are invited to submit their proposals and register their participation in time.

Interested parties can send their proposal (extensive description of the project and relevant audiovisual material from previous performances), biographies of performers and contributors accompanied by photographs and their contact numbers to [email protected] by 5 March 2022.

The selection of the final participants will be completed on 11 March 2022.


tel. 210 9237076

[email protected]

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