Issue of an international public call for the filling of five (5) positions of external members of the Board of Administration of the Hellenic Open University in accordance with article 10 of Law No. 4957/2022 (A΄141), as amended and in force.

The term of office of the Administrative Board that will be established will begin on 1 September 2024 and end on 31 August 2028.


Any natural person with the status of a Professor of a foreign University or Professor Emeritus or retired member of the faculty of another higher education institution of the country, as well as natural persons with wide recognition or contribution to culture, arts, letters or sciences, economy or society, representatives of international organizations or social partners, are eligible to apply for the position of external member of the Administration Council. The number of Emeritus Professors or retired faculty members who may be selected shall not exceed one (1) in accordance with par. 4 of article 8 of Law No. 4957/2022.

Candidates wishing to apply for the position of external member of the Hellenic Open University’s Board of Governors should be highly qualified, and in any case should hold at least a bachelor’s degree from a national or foreign university.

They may not be candidates for the position of external member:

a) Members of the faculty of another higher education institution in Greece or abroad

b) Emeritus Professors and retired members of the Hellenic Open University.

c) Researchers of any level and special operational scientists of research centres under article 13A of Law No. 4310/2014 (A’ 258), permanent researchers of other research organizations of the national territory, members of Special Educational Staff (S.E.P.), Laboratory Teaching Staff and Special Technical Laboratory Staff and other regular staff of other universities of higher education of the national territory.

d) Natural persons who have, at the Hellenic Open University, the status of Visiting Professor or Visiting Researcher of article 171, or appointed lecturer of article 173 or researcher on contract of article 172, of Law No. 4957/2022 (A΄141) at the time of issuing the invitation. This restriction does not apply to natural persons who hold a parallel professorship at a foreign university.

e) Anyone who has had a financial transaction with the Hellenic Open University, the Hellenic Open University’s Special Research Funding Account for profit during the last twelve (12) months prior to the issuance of the call, with the exception of employment in projects/programmes managed by the Hellenic Open University.

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