Art Flow Studio gallery, in collaboration with the Municipality of Kantanos-Selino, in Crete, is organizing an International Art and Exhibition Competition.
The exhibition of the finalists’ works will be held from 13 to 21 May at the Art Flow Gallery in Paleochora, Crete.
Registration closes on 11 April 2023

The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 21 May 2023 and the Mayor of Paleochora will present all the prizes.

1st prize – 500 euros
2nd prize – One week exhibition
3rd prize – One week exhibition

Theme 2023: “Beyond the veil of reality”

Is the representation of the world that our minds project real and objective – or is it a construction of our (collective or individual) unconscious?
When we create art, we may be deconstructing, filtering and recomposing the components according to our personal temperament or ideology. Similarly we reveal the unconscious form simply by fleshing out a thought, feeling or dream.
“First I dream my paintings, then I paint my dreams”: Vincent Van Gogh.
The same inspiration that artists so often seek may be the fruit of the unconscious impulse to which we must give ourselves over completely in order to get the work done.
The word Inspiration comes from the Latin word for inhalation, to breathe in; however, in ancient Greek culture, the breath of an external Muse evokes a poetic ecstasy. Meanwhile, for Jung, inspiration always means an archetypal contact with the unconscious.
We could therefore say that every creation , however realistic, contains a mysterious component from a parallel universe; something that has necessarily passed through a state of unconsciousness before becoming objective.
“Beyond the veil of reality” is not exclusively an artistic subject to be worked on, it is rather an invitation to let go ( why not?):
– To dare without fear, making that part of us speak that would like to express itself but does not,
– to be surprised by an artistic inspiration
which is none other than the voice of our unconscious – wanting to convey an emotion, a feeling, a thought, real or illusory, that somehow belongs to us because it contains a part of us.

The competition is open to all international artists without restrictions. All forms of visual art are accepted, e.g. painting, sculpture, photography, digital, graphics, collages, etchings, etc. While thematic works will have priority in the jury’s selection of Finalists, artists are free to submit works not directly related to the theme.

More information:
e-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 6947044741/2823041443

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