After the extremely successful completion of the program of events and actions in the summer of 2022, the institution “All Greece one culture” of the Ministry of Culture and Sports returns in 2023, for the fourth consecutive year. The thematic axis of the events of 2023 is the awakening of society to the climate crisis. The National Opera assumes the administrative and organizational responsibility of the program, in cooperation with the Ministry of culture.

This year, the institution focuses on the major problem, for the present and future of the planet, the climate crisis and its overwhelming consequences, not only in the lives of all of us, but also in the Cultural Reserve, material and intangible. The warnings of the scientific community about the irreversible effects of the phenomenon, the energy crisis caused by the war, the difficult decisions that must be taken now at the global level, requires alertness. In this context, this year’s Event” All Greece a culture ” invites artists and artistic groups to create new works on this reflection, with readings that are not limited to reproducing dystopian predictions, but raise questions for a global view of the phenomenon.

The program of “All Greece one Culture 2023” will be composed of the proposals, which will be selected by a special Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, following an open invitation addressed to cultural institutions, operating in the form of urban non-profit companies (AMKE).

Proposals will be submitted electronically through the Register of cultural institutions ( ) from Monday 30 January 2023 until Monday 20 February 2023.

Each proposal must combine at least two of the six areas:

  • Music (all genres: classical, modern, traditional, etc.)
  • Theater (all genres: prose, puppet theater, shadow theater, etc.)
  • Dance (all genres: classical, modern, etc.). Original music or adaptation/paraphrase of existing music is required
  • Musical theatre (original music required)
  • Visual arts /performance (all genres: painting, sculpture, photography, etc.)
  • Performances / actions for children and adolescents.

In the proposals of the visual arts, the exhibition can cover the entire period of operation of the program, while the second necessary art will be presented up to two times.

Attica is not included in the program of the institution for 2023. However, amke based in Attica can submit a proposal. For the greater benefit and participation of local communities, after the selection of archaeological sites, museums and monuments by the special Evaluation Committee, cooperation with local bodies (municipalities, regions, Municipal Regional Theaters, local festivals, etc.), for the implementation of events. The framework of this cooperation will be determined by the Ministry of culture and the GNO.

In addition, MAKE can self-finance their proposal or seek sponsors.  The technical specifications (scenery, lights, sound, projections), transportation and accommodation services, as well as the communication of the producers should be included in the costing of the proposal.

The proposals should relate to original creation, based on the above thematic axis, with the aim of developing synergies and compositions of cultural heritage and contemporary creation.

Interested entities can be registered in the Register of cultural institutions of the Ministry of Culture and sports until 10/02/2023. As an element for the deadline for registration in the Register of cultural institutions, the date of submission of the responsible registration declaration to e-mail is taken into account exclusively: [email protected]  or in the protocol of the Ministry Of Culture and Sports (Bouboulinas 20-22) and not the date of submission electronically of the identity of the institution.

The special Evaluation Committee for 2023 covers the whole range of Arts and is as follows:

  • George Koumentakis-Chairman of the committee, composer and Artistic Director of GNO
  • Dimitris Maragopoulos-composer, head of the “bridges” circle of the Athens Concert Hall, Professor Emeritus of the Ionian University-Music and Performing Arts
  • Konstantinos Hatzis-Director
  • Daphnis Kokkinos-dancer, choreographer, director of KSOT
  • Syrago Tsiara-Art Historian, Director Of The National Gallery
  • Natasha Triantafyllis-Director
  • Anastasia Gadolou-archaeologist, head of the Department of prehistoric and classical archaeological sites and monuments and archaeological works of the Directorate of prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of the Ministry of culture.

On behalf of the Ministry of culture, they participate in the committee without the right to vote:

  • Anna Panagiotarea, journalist, adviser to the Minister of Culture and Sports
  • Dimitra Filiou, archaeologist at the Department of prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports

The evaluation of the proposals by the special Evaluation Committee will begin on Friday, February 24, 2023 and will end on Friday, March 24, 2023. The results will be announced by April 3, 2023.

Each institution has the right to submit up to two proposals, but only one proposal per institution may be selected. Contracts with the Greek National Opera will be drawn up for the AMKE that will be selected. The rights, for the subsequent use of the productions, belong exclusively to their authors.  Also, the AMKE that will be selected will have to draw up quarterly contracts with the performers, which will be valid until the last performance.

The program of the institution “All Greece One Culture 2023” will take place from July 1 to August 31, in archaeological sites monuments and museums throughout the territory that will be selected by the Evaluation Committee in cooperation with the competent services of the Ministry of Culture and sports, in accordance with the provisions of law. 4858/2021.

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