The Ministry of Culture announces a competition for the State Awards for Playwriting for the year 2024, with the aim of strengthening and promoting Greek theatrical work.

The competition includes the following prizes:

  1. State Prize for Playwriting

Anyone can submit a play to this competition.

Cash prize: €7,000.

  1. State Prize for Children’s Playwriting

Anyone can submit a play to this competition.

Cash prize: €5,000.

  1. State Prize for Young Playwrights “Chrysa Spilioti”

Only young playwrights can participate in this competition.

The concept of a new playwright includes those whose play has not previously been published, published, taught on stage or formed the core of a film or television work, or previously submitted to other competitions by any public or private body.

Cash prize: €5,000.

In each of the above competitions, the Committee may award a Certificate of Excellence to a project that has not been awarded a prize, but is distinguished for its boldness and innovation.

General conditions of the competition:


Projects can be submitted until Friday 19 April 2024.

Genre and specifications of projects submitted

Submitted works can belong to all genres of dramatic art. They must be written directly in Greek (and not translated into Greek).

About submissions

a. The projects are submitted to the Department of Theatre and Dance of the Ministry of Culture (1 Rethymno 1, P.C. 10682 Athens, office 208). Projects submitted by fax or e-mail will not be accepted.

b. The projects are submitted as follows:

▪ under a pseudonym in five typed copies,

▪ with a choice of Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial font,

▪ size 12,

▪ ink colour exclusively black and

▪ bookbinding (hot gluing or spiral binding)

c. Each author is entitled to submit only one work to only one of the competitions announced. If more than one work is submitted, the submitted works will be disqualified.

d. The works are not returnable.

  1. Supporting documents

An application form clearly indicating the competition in which you are participating (attached application form for participation in the competition).

The application must be signed under a pseudonym and accompanied by a sealed envelope containing only the following:

a) A correspondence page with the author’s real details (full name, patronymic, active e-mail address, postal address and contact telephone number).

Any indication in the application form or in the copies of the work of the applicant’s real name and not the pseudonym is grounds for invalidating participation in the competition.

b) Declaration of the Law 1599/86 certified or issued by, which will be enclosed in the sealed envelope, and will indicate the clearly defined text:

At my own risk and knowing the penalties provided for by the provisions of par. 6 of article 22 of Law 1599/1986, I declare that:

I unconditionally accept all the terms of the competition, and I declare that the submitted work is original, has not been edited, published, performed, in the stage or formed the core of a film or television work, and that it has not been previously submitted to other competitions of any public or private institution. The work I have submitted under the pseudonym “…………………………” is entitled “……………………………..“.

If this declaration is found to be false, this will constitute grounds for disqualification from participation in the competition.

Announcement of award winners

a. The projects will be evaluated by the competent Committees of the Ministry of Culture. Each Committee will formulate its decision in a separate record. The announcement of the awards will be made in July 2025.

With the announcement of the awards, a reasoned report of the Committee is published and posted on the website of the Ministry of Culture, stating the rationale for the award, as well as the opinion of the minority, if any.

b. The awarding of the State Prizes for Playwriting takes place within the framework of the State Literary Awards ceremony.

c. The awarded works are forwarded by the Department of Theatre and Dance of the Ministry of Culture to the Artistic Directors of the National Theatre and the State Theatre of Northern Greece to investigate the possibility of their inclusion in the artistic programming of these theatres.

d. Companies of the independent theatre that include in their repertoire works that have been awarded the State Prize for the Writing of a Theatrical Work may be subsidised by the Ministry of Culture for the production of these works under the conditions applicable to the respective Programmes.

e. Under the responsibility of the competent Directorate of the Ministry of Culture, an analytical database accessible on the Internet is maintained with a complete list of the awarded works, a summary of them, as well as biographical data of their authors, which database is systematically updated.

Information and clarifications on the competition will be provided on the following telephone numbers:

210-8201743 and 210-8201722.

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