The Last Black Cat“, by Evgenios Trivizas is the second theatrical performance that will be performed in the framework of the Amateur Theatre Festival at 9.30 in the evening on Wednesday, June 19 at the Old Slaughterhouses by the theatrical group “To Buluki”.

The performance brings to the forefront how ruthless and inhuman society can be towards any of its members it is persuaded to target, incriminate and alienate. This is, after all, something that modern history has tragically confirmed. “The Last Black Cat” is a tale for young and old that creates channels of communication and understanding between generations and people.

The schools EN.E.E.G.Y.L. of Patras, 19th and 15th High School collaborate in “Buluki”. The students of the theatre group TO BULUKI are an example of inclusion, fighting against all kinds of discrimination.


Fotis Lazaris, Maria Kazakou, Katerina Dori

With the participation of the students: Angelopoulou Konstantina, Dimitrakopoulos Raphael, Dimitropoulou Emilia, Zakynthinou Maria, Eliopoulos Leonidas, Karyda Vallia, Kolliopoulos Michail, Kosova Eliza, Bardakis Konstantinos, Bousios Ilias, Nikolaidou Myrtali, Ortencio Alexandros, Panagopoulou Niki, Pappa Andreas, Papageorgaki Eftichia,Peristeris Yorgos, Robotis Marios, Sarma Sezal, Siaveli Matina ,Stefanidi Efi, Τsintoni Melintini, Fotou Emilia. 

Entrance to all performances of the Amateur Theatre is free of charge.


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