In the work, “Stones and Bones”, RootlessRoot collaborate with the English sculptor Peter Randall-Page and create a performance about the impermanence of human existence in Artistic Direction & Choreography by Rootlessroot – Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek.

The focus of the work is placed on white marble – the material with a metaphysical dimension, the foundation of European civilization – even though its natural place is in majestic mountains and outside of theatrical conventions.

The performance will take place on Wednesday 19 October at 21.00 at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Emilios Riadis Hall (M2).

In “Stones and Bones”, four performers, accompanied by the original musical composition of Vassilis Mantzoukis, create a poem about the fragile nature of human existence and the need to leave our imprint on the world.

A production of the Onassis Cultural Centre of the Onassis Foundation.

In collaboration with OMMTH.


Linda Kapetanea, Elena Topalidou, Anna Calsina-Forrellad, Hyaejin Lee

Music Composition. Vasilis Mantzoukis

Music Interpretation: Martha Frindzila

Onstage musicians: Vassilis Mantzoukis, Kostas Nikolopoulos, Nikos Papaioannou, Lambros Papanikolaou

Stage & Visual Design: Thomas Randall-Page, Peter Randall-Page

Stage Design, Paris Mexis

Sound Design: Christos Parapagidis

Sound design: Yannis Skandamis

Lighting Design: Pericles Mathiellis

Costumes: Isabelle Lhoas

Text: Jozef Fruček, Text Editor: Ioanna Nasiopoulou

Photography: Alexandros Papathanasopoulos

Production & Touring: Cultopia

With the support of Iktinos Marmaron

The performance “Stones & Bones” is supported by the “Extroversion” programme of the Onassis Cultural Centre and is subsidised by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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