In its 13th edition, Borderline Festival is unfolding at Onassis Stegi and across different spots in Athens; a three-day event on the future of contemporary music, with the participation of young Greek and emerging international artists who transcend boundaries.

From the Municipal Market of Kypseli in the heart of the city to Gagarin 205 and the Carhartt WIP Stage at Onassis Stegi -1, 18 Greek and international artists come together in a lineup that defies genres, where Detroit techno meets reggaeton and deconstructed dub. Adventurous producers and DJs, such as aya, Sangre Nueva, AUX 88, and Rosa Pistola, get together with artists from Athens, such as ANFS (Hybrid Set), AMKA, Frenzee, and Agent Mo, conjuring a sublime experience made simultaneously for the ears, minds, and feet.

For more than a decade, Borderline Festival has been harnessing the elements of fantasy, magic and surprise through a series of DJ sets and live performances. Looking far and wide beyond dystopian worldviews, it explores the ways in which music, like a spell, can transform everyday reality and distort our sense of time and space, bringing hidden narratives to light and offering uncanny and vital visions of the past, present and future.

In this direction, from April 26 to 28, Borderline Festival 2024 attends to the transformative power of magical realism, returning to the heart of Athens with a festival that aims to widen the act of listening.

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